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Yo, I'm new to this site and this is damn awesome site. Good job htr_xorth!

I've some ideas for this page.

1. Add friend (in site)
1.2 Compare stats between friends. (allow us to add more than just 2 guys to compare)

2. Add clan stats (counts all members stats and makes avg)
2.1 Compare stats between members in the clan.

3. Add something like this to this site
3.1 Would be good to have same thing for gunsmith and other market guys.
3.2 Allow us to add alarms when some item goes live to some shop. (for example, I need to buy rare fusion rifles, when gunsmith re-stocks and is selling rare fusion rifles I would get a notification/alarm/e-mail)

Good ideas?


Keep up the good work admins!

edit. Allow us to add youtube videos to video section? oh nvm. you can add youtube videos to (Y)

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You got some nice ideas here man, props!


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Yes, very good ideas. Definitely would be great to create a leaderboard for my clan to see where they rank against other members. I hope this is something that can be done

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Thanks for the kind words and ideas. I have put these items on my list as things to do, and I like all of them. First thing I'll start looking into is the clan stuff and compare stats.

Mr Rusty Nail
Mr Rusty Nail

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would it be possible to add a progress bar to grimoir stats like kills as titan etc?? also a search tool on the nav bar is always a good addition. good job lads/lasses