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As you can tell by our group name, we were unable to become the guardians of the galaxy (mainly because the name was already taken), and so we decided to become the rejects. My friend (ablab12) and I have been playing Destiny since it came out, and now that we have reached level 24, we are trying to get a group of awesome people to raid and win crucible matches with. So far, it's just myself and my friend (ablab12) who make up this group, and we would love for more people to join us as we'll all help one another get more gear/win more matches/defeat insane bosses.

Background about us
My friend and I have known each other since freshman year in high school (we are now in college), so teamwork and communication is key for us. We've also played the heck out of Borderlands 2 last year, so finding loot and enjoying the game is always important to us. Anyways, if you're interested in becoming a reject of the galaxy like us, then we would love to see what you have to offer for our (soon to be) clan :)

Minimum requirements that we are looking for when we play Crucible

Kill/Death Ratio: JK! We play for the objective/to win, not for stats
Win/Loss Ratio: As long as it is positive
Combat Rating: At least 120 (just so we know that you aren't a fusion rifle nub)
Ability to deal with our Sarcasm: All the time
Mic: Is this even a question?

Let me or ablab12 know that you are interested in joining, and we'll love to try you out and see what ya got! On a side note, we always get on at the same time (which is usually around the weekends), and so we literally play every game and do every mission together. Other than that, let the raiding begin!