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Map Guide with Sub Areas





Dead Ghost Fragment Locations Guide

Tower Dead Ghost Locations

Ghost Fragment – The City Age

Sub Area – Tower Watch
From the place where you spawn at Tower Plaza, turn left and go up the stairs. The ghost is on top of the boxes

Ghost Fragment – Warlock

Sub Area – Tower North
In the room where the Speaker is located, look on a small table and revive a ghost

Ghost Fragment – The last Word

Sub Area – Hall of Guardians
In the Hall of Guardians where you meet your class mentor, turn right and you’ll find a ghost on a table

Ghost Fragment – The City Age 2

Sub Area – Traveler’s Walk
Collecting this ghost is little tricky, because it can be completed only on selected days, when the Iron Banner event is available. During this event, go through the entrance next to the Crucible Bounty board. Go straight ahead to the railing, where you should look for the ghost.

Old Russia Dead Ghost Locations

Ghost Fragment – Darkness

Sub Area – The Steppes
Once you land on Earth, look to your left. There is a large depot. Next to it is a small shack, inside which you’ll find the ghost on the ground.

Ghost Fragment – Earth

Sub Area – The Divide
Once you enter The Divide head forward. In the corner of another building is a large cement tube. Our collectible is inside of it, on the ground.

Ghost Fragment – Mysteries

Sub Area – The Divide
If you jump on top of the large cement tube from the previous Dead Ghost location you have a clear sight on another collectible.

Ghost Fragment – Cosmodrome

Sub Area – The Divide
Enter the building in eastern Divide. Once you are in the first larger room, look up, bellow the metal platform, close to stairs.

Ghost Fragment – Exo Stranger

Sub Area – The Divide
Keep going deeper inside the building. Once you find a passage with larger rusty pipes, keep looking up and you will find another Dead Ghost. Use double jump in order to reach its location.

Ghost Fragment – Fallen

Sub Area – Mothyards
Head back to the landing point on Earth. Turn to your left and go in that direction. Ghost is well hidden in grass, inside a trench made of two large concrete walls. Go to the end of the trench, towards two large hatches on the wall. You’ll find the ghost in the grass.

Ghost Fragment – Hunter

Sub Area – Mothyards
From the previous point head west. You stumble upon an airplane graveyard. In order to reach the next death ghost fragment location you should use a leaning airplane wing to enter a hidden cave. Defeat a level 7 Captain on your way to the collectible.

Ghost Fragment – Cosmodrome 2

Sub Area – Mothyards
Close to the previous location you can find a gap between rocks that connects Mothyards and Forgotten Shore tonorth. Follow this path and if you are careful enough you can spot another hidden cave. This Dead Ghost is probably the hardest to find on Earth because it is found in a really small gap inside the cave.

Ghost Fragment – Darkness 3

Sub Area – Lunar Complex
Head back to the airplane graveyard. On top of a hill you can find a large building with a huge radar on top of it. This is Lunar Complex. Climb to the first floor, into the first larger dark room. Follow the sidewall to your right once you enter this room. Jump on top of a small metal “platform” found in the corner.

Ghost Fragment – The Traveler 3

Sub Area – Skywatch
Once you exit Lunar Complex into Skywatch go to your right, up a flight of stairs. Next to the platform with a helicopter on it is a rather small path – follow it. There is a small cave entrance found on this path. It is guarded by a higher level Hallowed Ogre.

Ghost Fragment – Jupiter

Sub Area – Terrestrial Complex
Once you come across a room with two large stone pillars, pay attention to nearby metal lockers. Dead Ghost is found on the ground, inside one of them.

Ghost Fragment – Abilities

Sub Area – Forgotten Shore
This one is found inside a cabin of a small rusty boat.

Ghost Fragment – Legends 2

Sub Area – Forgotten Shore
Inside a basement of a facility found on higher ground in Forgotten Shore; under metal stairs. Watch out for higher level mobs in this area. They can easily kill you with one shot.

Ghost Fragment – Human

Sub Area – The Grottos
Under a small stone bridge that leads to the facility that hides the previous Dead Ghost you can find a path that leads to another area – The Grottos. This is a higher level area. Just as you come across the first pack of mobs, turn left and follow a side path.

Ghost Fragment – Hunter

Sub Area – The Devils’ Lair
Can be found inside The Devils’ Lair Strike (this is a group event you must enter through matchmaking). Once you enter the strike head to a corner of this area (found to your left). Double jump to the dead ghost.

Ghost Fragment – The Last Word 2

Sub Area – The Devils’ Lair
At the part of the strike where you are supposed to defeat three incoming waves of enemies is the next Dead Ghost. It is inside a small room, close to the Mesh Generator you are supposed to defend.

Ghost Fragment - Fallen 2

Sub Area – The Devils’ Lair
The final Devils’ Lair Dead Ghost is found in a room next to large tank Devil Walker. Climb to the first floor once you enter.

Moon Dead Ghost Locations

Ghost Fragment – Hive

Sub Area – Archer’s Line
Close to the Moon landing point. Mission “The Dark Beyond” can be done in this area.
Once you land on Moon, go up the hill, then turn left. Jump up onto metal boxes to reach location where the ghost is hidden.

Ghost Fragment – Moon

Sub Area – Archer’s Line
Close to the dome on your way to the last part of mission “The Dark Beyond”.
Instead of going left as we did for the previous location, this time turn right.
Next to a damaged dome that leads to the Temple of Crota, jump onto a rock platform shown on the screenshot.

Sub Area – Hall of Wisdom

Mission “The World’s Grave” takes you to this area.

When you pass through the illuminated part of the cave turn left.

Ghost Fragment – Saturn

Sub Area – Circle of Bones
Go deeper inside cave. This entrance is just next to the previous dead ghost location.
Once you find yourself in Circle of Bones keep going left.

Jump on this fence in order to be able to reach a hidden path on your left.

Ghost Fragment – The Ocean of Storms

Sub Area – Anchor of Light
Inside the last part of the mission “The Dark Beyond”.
We are back to the dome now. Head east from it and follow a path.
Path leads to this “mushroom” looking building. Turn left.

Enter this construction. Jump onto metal bars in order to reach the dead ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Warlock 2

Sub Area – Temple of Crota
Mission “Chamber of Night” finishes here.
Go back to the mushroom-like building. Last time we turned left here, now we go to the right. Follow a hidden path as seen in first pic.
Enter the Temple of Crota, reach the lower section and follow a path that leads you downstairs to your right.

Once you find this area in the lowest section of the Temple follow this climbing path. It leads directly to the Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Darkness 2

Sub Area – The Hellmouth
You can complete “The Sword of Crota” mission in this area.
Next to the first Dead Ghost we’ve revived, follow this hidden path. This path leads to the Hellmouth.
Turn right and find a hidden area with two large antennas.

Enter this building. Dead Ghost is located on a computer.

Ghost Fragment – Mercury

Sub Area – The Gatehouse
Mission “The Sword of Crota” takes place here.

Soon enough you’ll end up here. Turn left when you reach the edge. Look down, there is a dead ghost.

Ghost Fragment – The Traveler

Sub Area – Shrine of Oryx
Mission “Shrine of Oryx” takes place in this area.
This ghost is located inside the same building, where we revived the previous one. Follow this long path.

Once you spot this entrance you’ll know you are on the right track.

Venus Dead Ghost Locations

Ghost Fragment – The Shattered Coast

Sub Area – Headlands
If you head left from the Venus landing point, you’ll spot the dead ghost near the edge of the second pond.

Ghost Fragment – Human 2

Sub Area – The Shattered Coast
“A Stranger’s Call” In front of the ruined Depot you will find a few cars. Dead ghost is on what’s left of the back seat.

Ghost Fragment – New Monarchy

Sub Area – Ishtar Academy
Follow the eastern edge of Venus map. Turn left near the stone statue.
After you pass through an underground tunnel, you end up here. Climb to the second floor.
Ghost is on a bookshelf.

Ghost Fragment – Awoken 2

Sub Area – Ishtar Commons
Next ghost is just across from the entrance to Ishtar Commons.

Ghost Fragment – Legends

Sub Area – Hall of Whispers
Right bellow the previous Dead Ghost is the entrance to Hall of Whispers.
Go up the stairs to your right and keep walking towards the end of the platform.
Dead Ghost can be found on a branch.

Ghost Fragment – Vex

Sub Area – Ishtar Commons
Leave Hall of Whispers. Right across from its entrance, you can find another dead ghost. It is hidden inside this dark room.

Ghost Fragment – Exo 2

Sub Area – N/Gen Branch
Inside Ishtar Commons find this entrance. It leads to N/Gen Branch area and the Ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Ghosts

Sub Area – Ishtar Cliffs
Go back to the stone statue in front of Ishtar Academy. Go on the edge of Venus’ map.
Go between buildings. As soon as you enter Ishtar Cliffs look to your left.
There is the ghost hidden on top of the rock.

Ghost Fragment – Hive

Sub Area – Waking Ruins
Enter Walking Ruins from Ishtar Cliffs. Jump onto this rock, next to a ruined “portal”. Ghost is hidden on top of a huge rock.

Ghost Fragment – Vex 2

Sub Area – Campus 9
Leave Waking Ruins and enter Campus 9. Follow the jumping path. It leads you to the ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Hunter

Sub Area – Endless Steps
Leave Campus 9 and enter Endless Steps.
There is a large laser beam in the corner of Endless Steps. Dead ghost is on the upper platform next to it.

Ghost Fragment – Thorn

Sub Area – Ember Caves
From the Venus landing position follow the path to your left.
When you pass by dried-out trees turn right.
There is an hidden cave entrance in the distance, next to a small pond.
Ghost is hidden at the end of the cave.

Ghost Fragment – The Dark Age 2

Sub Area – Winter’s Lair
Climb onto the highest metal platform.
When you go through small cave tunnels, you’ll end up here. Keep going to your left.
Keep going left, there is a really dark cave, where you should turn on your light. Dead Ghost is at the very end of the cave.

Ghost Fragment – Vex 3

Sub Area – Dig Site 4
Enter the Nexus Strike on Venus.
Inside the Dig Site 4 there is a laboratory. Keep to your left.
Eventually you’ll end up here. Dead Ghost is inside the sink.

Mars Dead Ghost Locations

Ghost Fragment – Cabal

Sub Area – The Barrens
Once you spawn at Mars head left. Follow the pics to your Ghost

Ghost Fragment – Legends 3

Sub Area – The Hollows
Leave the previous bunker and enter nearby tunnel entrance.
Once you leave the tunnel enter the largest building.
Dead Ghost is on the platform above the entrance. Jump onto it.

Ghost Fragment – The Golden Age

Sub Area – Dust Palace
Leave the previous room and enter this entrance.
Keep going until you reach Dust Palace.
Follow this route in order to reach the ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Exo

Sub Area – Overwatch
From the location on the previous screenshot you can see the entrance that takes you toward the next dead ghost.
Once you enter Overwatch zone turn right.
Climb the stairs and turn left.
Dead Ghost is behind a computer.

Ghost Fragment – Human 3

Sub Area – The Buried City
Leave Dust Palace and turn left (follow marked route).
Dead Ghost is in The Buried City.
Just behind a large Off World Transit billboard.

Ghost Fragment – The Buried City

Sub Area – Tharsis Junction
Find a hidden entrance to the Freehold Station.
Go through the dark room.
Once you pass by the trains and a portal turn right.
Go up the hill to revive ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Human 4

Sub Area – The Drift
Leave The Buried City and head toward The Drift.
Ghost is on top of the dried-out tree.
Jump carefully toward the ghost.

Ghost Fragment – Mars

Sub Area – Scablands
Use the tunnel close to the previous dead ghost in order to reach Scablands.
Pass by the large gate and turn left.
Jump onto the platform.

Ghost Fragment – Future War Cult

Sub Area – Firebase Rubicon
When you pass by the large gate in Scablands you can find this tunnel.
When you reach Firebase Rubicon keep going to your left. There is an extremely well hidden passage.
Ghost is at the bottom of a large tree at the end of the hidden passage.

Ghost Fragment – Cabal 2

Sub Area – Iron Line
Leave Firebase Rubicon…
In Rubicon Wastes find the entrance to Iron Line.

Once inside Iron Line, jump onto the platform with floodlights.
Use the platform to jump toward the dead ghost.
Iron Line Dead Ghost location.

Ghost Fragment – Titan

Sub Area – Trenchworks
Jump down from the previous platform and follow this path.
It takes you to Trenchworks.

Keep right. Ghost is well hidden between the rocks.

Ghost Fragment – The Traveler 2

Sub Area – The Legion’s Keep
This door is only open during the quest The Garden’s Spire.

New path takes us to The Legion’s Keep. Jump over the bridge.
Dead Ghost is under a small platform in the last area of the quest The Garden’s Spire.

Ghost Fragment – Thorn 2

Sub Area – Giants’ Pass
We are back at Mars starting position now. Look for a path that goes between two sand dunes.
From Scablands find a path to the Giants’ Pass

In the Giants’ Pass look for a dried-out tree on a small hill.
Revive the ghost next to the tree.

Ghost Fragment – Awoken

Sub Area – Valley of the Kings
Leave Giants’ Pass and enter Valley of the Kings.
Dead Ghost is on a small platform close to a huge ruined portal.

Ghost Fragment – Mysteries 2

Sub Area – Valley of the Kings
Jump onto the tallest bunker.
It is hidden in a small cave.

Ghost Fragment – The Queen’s Brother

Sub Area – Valley of the Kings
During the mission Black Garden kill enemies around the portal and go through it.
In this new area, follow a jumping route on your left to reach the ghost.

Ghost Fragment – The Queen

Sub Area – Valley of the Kings
Leaving the previous location you’ll end up here.
Follow the route on the screenshot.
Jump toward the dead ghost.

Golden Chests Locations Guide

Earth Golden Chests

Passage between The Steppes and Dock 13

There’s a building in the Steppes that leads to Dock 13. Once you enter it go into the next room and you’ll see the gold chest right there on the desk.

Forgotten Shore

Below the Terrestrial Complex at the base of the cliff you will see the collectible lay next to the water. Walk through lighter colored water and pick up the chest.

Passage between Forgotten Shore and Mothyards

Follow the path that leads from Forgotten Shore to Mothyards. After it curves left, then right turn to the right and you’ll see some water fallin in front of a cave entrance. Loot is inside the cave.

Lunar Complex

During the story mission The Dark Within you will take down the Hive Wizard. In the same room where that happens you need to jump onto some crates to the left and search behind them to find the chest.

Devils’ Lair

You have to go through Devils’ Lair Strike to get this chest. When you fight Sepiks Prime or after killing it go to the right platform and you will find the chest underneath it


Collecting all Golden Chests in Old Russia grants you a brand new S-20 Seeker Sparrow.

Moon Golden Chests

Temple of Crota

When you enter the temple jump down to the lowest floor and you’ll find an exit to the right. Follow that path into the Hive temple. You’ll cross a bridge into the ship. Continue out the right side stopping at the end of the ramp. There is a small platform with the chest on it that you can see if you look down to the right.

Passage from Archer’s Line to Hellmouth

While you go to Hellmouth look for a rock formation to your left, just before you reach a short bridge. Chest is behind those rocks.

Road from Archer’s Line to Hall of Wisdom

As you enter Archer’s Line climb the hill across your starting position. Go through the dome and follow the road towards the Hive fortress. Go down a spiral ramp to the bottom of the cave. The entrance to Hall of Wisdom should be there and right of it is the chest.

The World’s Grave

Inside the last room of The World’s Grave near the rock wall when you jump into the water.

The Summoning Pits

The Summoning Pit is the Strike mission on moon, so you have to do this with a group to pick up the gold chest. Move over to the lower platform at the far end of the arena and search between the two staircases.

Bonus Reward

Bonus reward: Arihant Type 1 Chest piece (Titan class) be continued......

Links of interest (where I found this stuff)
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Thank you for all this info!!

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Thank you for all this info!!

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nice thread, easy to read... thanks
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Where Can i Get an "unbound thorn" ??

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Great list, better than those guides only with text. Simple pictures for easy find, thanks dude!
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According to my Grimoire checklist, I'm missing a ghost with the following name:

Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age 2

I believe this is a glitched ghost that is supposed to be obtainable on Mars, but I don't see it anywhere on your list. Overall, there should be 62 ghosts, but your list only has 61. For the sake of completeness, it may be good to add this ghost to the list. Thanks for putting all of this together!

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TheRealBGoat said:According to my Grimoire checklist, I'm missing a ghost with the following name:

Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age 2

I believe this is a glitched ghost that is supposed to be obtainable on Mars, but I don't see it anywhere on your list. Overall, there should be 62 ghosts, but your list only has 61. For the sake of completeness, it may be good to add this ghost to the list. Thanks for putting all of this together!

There are only 61 ghosts according to some sources and 62 according to others. It's difficult to be sure which is correct.

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TheRealBGoat said:According to my Grimoire checklist, I'm missing a ghost with the following name:

Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age 2

I believe this is a glitched ghost that is supposed to be obtainable on Mars, but I don't see it anywhere on your list. Overall, there should be 62 ghosts, but your list only has 61. For the sake of completeness, it may be good to add this ghost to the list. Thanks for putting all of this together!

I'm missing this as well.

But fantastic job assembling all this - it's super helpful to have it all in one, well sorted list!

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There are actually 63 ghost fragments this is a link to the complete list of every card.

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Awesome list. Now I can start searching for all the ghosts XD Some of them are really difficult to find without a little help.

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All are easily searchable and attainable except the two glitched ghosts. For me, and others, the Legends 2 in RAS-2 Bunker and Golden Age 2 in Freehold Station do not show up. Neither story mission for each area or patrol have these two ghosts available. I wrote to Bungie about...they said they were looking into it, and haven't got back to me on it yet.

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Thanks for the guide!

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Thanks for the guide.
So where can I see how many dead ghosts I've awakened so far? Going for the 50 ghosts trophy.
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