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Hello guys, I'm looking for a clan to play some crucible with, mostly looking for a group that will always go for the win and work together instead of running off going for kills. I'm also into the PvE side of destiny, I enjoy the raid very much and strikes are always fun. My k/d overall is above 2.27 and getting higher everyday and my k/d in rumble is 2.46, currently ranked 82 in rumble (was in the 40's but haven't been playing rumble much lately.) Anyway, with that said I'm a very helpful guy, I avoid getting into any kind of clan related troubles. I just want to help my team get the W and also goof around in PvE. Well, thanks for reading and see you in the world of destiny!

Also, if this matters at all I'm a level 29 hunter (hopefully 30 by the time you have read this) and an alt level 28 warlock.

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Come check out Leigon of Guardians.
Msg me styalz736 for more info.
We work together and do both run around for kills and defense.
my over all DTR rank is 32 atm was at 28. didn't play a whole day and thats what I get.
Before i started working on my kdr it was 1.56 now its 1.98.