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First, I love the site and everything you guys are doing for the Destiny Community. I'm a big fan of speed running and am really excited about PvE leaderboards, especially the 'Time' leaderboards. I'm also a software developer and have been playing with the Bungie's Destiny platform a bit, so I was hoping you could answer a more technical question about pulling activities.

Bug #1: Broken links/missing pages for Feature Story missions.
Sample Page:
Sample Broken link: "The Archive" just above the leaderboard -

Bug #2: Incorrect Naming/Empty Leaderboard links under Weekly Strike header to the left
Sample Page:
Sample Broken label/Empty leaderboard:
Technical question: Which Platform API do you use to get recent activity information and download the details?
I know how to get/download the details if I have the instanceId (which I can pull from the recent activity permalink URL on via the PostGameCarnageReport API (Sample:, but can't find a way to get the list of my recent instanceIds in order to automate this. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm trying to write a simple program to download all my recent games and figure out my personal best speedrun Times for each Story mission. I suppose this is also a feature request, if you guys would be able to add that to the profile "PvE and Activities" page (

Keep up the good work!