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Hello fellow Destiny plays,
Me and my friend have created a new clan which we hope will become a clan everyone will enjoy and be proud to be a part of.
'Orlando Spirit Bloom' was founded of 26th October 2014 by fellow founders IVI MASSI IVI and FatBoyPerry. The mission of this clan group is simple, to unite the best of the Destiny world to join forces and create a clan like no other.
Joining our clan is simple, there will be no permission to join. We like to think that everyone is the same in our Bungie eyes, Warlock or Titan it doesn't matter were all equal in the end. (must be level 10 or above.)
'but IVI MASSI IVI what will I gain of being in your clan?'
Good question, by joining you have sold your soul to the god of Pickle, a apologetic God that will do no harm to you unless you decide to leave the clan. By joining as well you will be friends with me and my mate who are quite popular in this human world*
So lets do it, by clicking the link below and joining the up and coming clan of 2015 you will have of made the best decision of your 2014 life.
*sentences ending with * may or may not be true