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Hello im the clan leader and recruiter for the newly built clan Wolves Beyond the Light. If you have been looking for a clan who completes the Weeklys and the Raid every week then this clan is for you. I myself am a Crucible player but I do enjoy doing PvE stuff as well. So if you like PvP then running with the Wolves will be for you. There are a few requirements though for the PvE and PvP portion. Comment or msg me if interested in either PvE or PvP(or both) and ill send you a link the to clan if you meet the requirements

Raid and Weekly Requirements: lvl 26+ with experience and also with a mic.

Crucible Requirements: must have atleast a 1.15 KD and also with a mic and good team work.
Baconators Live
Baconators Live

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do you have a website?