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David A. Purk

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Check the Lead [CtL] is a tight knit group of serious gamers who pride themselves on their ability to perform. We can rely on each other to get the job done, doesn't matter if it's VOG or Crucible. We will find a way to win. Winning is what we do best.

We win because we each possess individual skills, but most importantly we win because of each other. With that being said, we are trying to build up our ranks. Unfortunately we don't just accept anyone into the group. Not because we are elitist douche bags, but because we want to ensure the players in combat with us can also deliver, and no one or two or three people should carry the load.

So far so good. Since forming we have not lost a single PvP game. We complete our VOG Hard with ease, and not by "Cheesing" (with a few random friends). We are recruiting for more members via PvP try out in Skirmish. They are challenging, but not impossible.

We offer you a team that has your back, and will ensure you beat any and all content. No need to search out players, and cross your fingers they are half decent. We go out of our way to help each other do content, even if we have already beaten it for the week. Essentially we look out for each other. This doesn't mean you can't play with other people, or abandon your friends. Just another means to an end.

If this sounds like it could be a good fit you, feel free to comment, or MSG me for details about the try outs. 4 people have made the try outs out of 32... It ensures only high level players enter the circle. So before getting rude on this post, please just move on... I've accepted the motto of haters are going to hate, feel free to talk shit after making the try out, and not accepting a spot with the clan..