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AgnosticDyslexicInsomnia [ADI] is looking for more members who play on a regular basis. We are PvE/Raid clan primarily with occasional PvP.
Currently we run 4-5 Normal Raid groups and 2-3 Hard Raid group.
We also ensure all our members get the nightfall/weekly

The only requirements we have is that you run and hang out with us a bit before joining. We are a very cohesive group and would like to ensure new members are able to get a long with everyone and fit in with our demented humor. We DON'T require you to be great and if you haven't run the raid before that's fine too, as long as you are good people and willing to learn we are here to help.

Please add Cmrbreno13 or Kriegsgott17HMR and if you see us online or in a chat party, pop in our party and say Hi. We are all very friendly. Just make yourself known and hang out in our chat parties. We hope to see you in-game!

Please do not send us random game/party invites... 99% of the time we are already in a clan chat party. Just jump in the party we currently have going. If you cant for some reason send one of us a message. Thanks