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We are actively investigating issues impacting players' ability to sign in to all Destiny releases on PlayStation 4. Until resolved, players may experience disconnects or be unable to sign in. Please stay tuned to @BungieHelp for updates.
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Centipede - Probably one of the Most Common errors That Seems to be happening Amongst college campuses. Simply put, it's a network issue. There is no topics fix for the college people, however it if you're at home and get the bug, head to the link below to see if you can fix the solution.


Pear - This is simply an issue party Xbox One That can happen from time to time. Simply restart your console then a launch to see if Destiny That fixes the issue.

Urchin - Urchin only pops up When You Have Placed had a restriction on your account due to modding or other purposes. Try choosing a different activity, check bungies website, if it fails try to call them.

Cat - The simplest mistake to fix out of all of them. There's an update that you 'missed somewhere along the lines. Restart your console, reboot the game and try downloading the update again.

Blackbird / Chipmunk / Lime - All three of These errors are Caused by the same problem. For Those of You That are getting this, you will Have to delete Destiny altogether from your Hard Drive and re-install it. Another vital option you PROVED Useful That is simply deleting the game data then a restarting Destiny. If That does not fix it, you'll Probably Have to contact Sony or Microsoft for Further support.

Buck / Camel / Cattle - Again, all three of These errors are Caused by the same problem. If you accidentally got kicked off of XBL or PSN and your account HAD signed out, you'll see this issue Probably. Simply just sign back in and you Should be good to go. If all else fails, exit the game and restart it.

Butterfly / Stingray - These Occur When You Have Attempted to play Destiny while not signed in to XBL or PSN. Simply sign in and the mistake Should Go away. If you're Unable to connect, it's Either your connection or something on XBL / PSN's end. I'd check up from time to time to see if the servers are down for XBL / PSN.