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Hi, im the creator of the Every Second Counts Xbox One clan. We speed run strikes daily in addition to 3 Nightfalls, weeklies and raids on reset day. I have 3 30's and would love to find others with the same aims as myself. Aiming for leaderboards is great fun and would love to grow the community a bit more. Looking to speed run raids, NF's, Weeklies and playlists. In addition to leaderboards, you come home with about 20 -30 engrams at a time. Our current records for the 24 Tiger Strike Playlist are:

- HoDL: 6:58
- Summoning Pits: 7:34
- The Nexus: 5:29
- Archon: 8:13
- Valus Tuark: 6:29

and these where with weapons and armour to level so thats not even the best gear we have! You must:

- Have a mic
- Be friendly
- be at LEAST 29, preferably 30
- Be active at least 4/7 days a week]

Look forward to hearing from you. Comment below or add myself for more information or to join the ranks. Currently at 15 Clan mates. I personally have a Elgato HD CC and a channel. I have also created a topic to the creator of DT to include Tiger Strikes into the Speed Run Leaderboards. Here is the link if you would like to show support for this feature. Thanks in advance:


More clan info look here:


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if you ever need a raid team hit me up
x X BioBite X x
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Sounds like good fun.

I've seen some pretty cool speed runs on other games and find myself pushing through quicker and quicker on each run.

If you guys are needing another good teammate send me an invite.