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madhouse bill
madhouse bill

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Hi folks just a quick one, me and a few of my good friends are looking to hook up with a new mature clan in the UK to play Destiny and other games on Xbox one, we were formally members of a large clan that has now disbanded im sad to say, we are a fun loving lot that don’t like to take things to seriously but when needed can step up to the plate and show our worth.

Things we are looking for in the new clan,

A group of mature gamers up for a laugh.
A clan that has a good following for Destiny.
Possibly a clan website.
UK based but not necessarily all UK members.
Just a good bunch of folks with a fare following.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon.

Regards madhouse
Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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madhouse bill said:

You can look for and advertise clans here.