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Greetings, Guardians.

Xur is back in the tower today and you can find him north (opposite) of the speaker!

How long Is Xur there?

If you want to make sure Xur is still available for you, you can check out events page ( Click here! ) to make sure he is still waiting to take your coins!


The Last Word - Exotic Hand Cannon - 23 Strange Coins

The Armamentarium - Exotic Titan Chest - 13 Strange Coins

Crest of Alpha Lupi - Exotic Hunter Chest - 13 Strange Coins

Voidfang Vestments - Exotic Warlock Chest - 13 Strange Coins

Exotic Helm Engram - 23 Motes of Light


Pulse Rifle Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Hand Cannon Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Shotgun Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Void Drive - 23 Strange Coins
Emerald Coil - 23 Strange Coins
5x Heavy Ammo Synthesis - 1 strange coin

Hopefully Xur has something you need!
The Traveler
The Traveler

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Darkened Khaos
Darkened Khaos

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I find your lack of 23 Coins disturbing...

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Darkened Khaos said:I find your lack of 23 Coins disturbing...
I have 2 Lvl. 26 guardians (Hunter and Warlock) and a lvl. 24 guardian (Titan). I can run through the 28 Weekly Strike twice--giving me 9 coins each-- and then run through the 26 weekly strike once--giving me 6 coins.


I win.
A Moth to Flame
A Moth to Flame

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Go away, Xur. You are ruining the game!

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Wow, Xur finally has a weapon I can use again on the one weekend I don't bother to go check
Good game Xur