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[XBOX One] looking for other old gamers 25 + to fight the hive with walking sticks and Zimmer frames

So after looking deep into the forum there seems to be no place here for old fogies, no waiting room, no post office to collect a pension so I was thinking it was time to contact the multitudes.

Sorry youngsters this is not a place for you and your mobile phones and modern tech.

A small group of oldies from the UK including myself (lvl 29’s) have been battling the hordes on Destiny for some time now and we are looking for other likeminded timeworn veterans to join us before we waste away,

We all have families and work commitments so we understand all that goes all with that, we are looking to build up the ranks thus allowing this old persons front to keep battling the hordes in weekly’s raids and the like on a more regular basis.

Preferably it would be nice if the folks that joined us where over 25, from the UK but not essential if you can game with us it’s all good, but that said if your mature can take a joke like a drink and don’t fall asleep in the middle of a raid this could be the place for you,

So if you feel you could help this bunch of reprobates fight its way to victory and more to the point you were able to read this this post with its tiny letters, feel free to post here, message, add me as a friend or I can add you.

Many thanks im off for a sleep now this has worn me out lol.


Hi again people its been a productive few days here at Destiny reprobates we have had a lot of new members and we still have our doors open for new members so come on in the waters fine.
we have started our new forum with some useful info and tips, also we now have up our raid times for this weekend which i am really looking forward to.
so nuff said if you feel we could be the clan for you come on in.
hope to cya all this weekend dont forget dont be shy just jump in and say hi.

ps. we are still open for new members so if you feel we maybe the type of clan you would like to join no problems just pm me and post here all the best.

Madhouse bill

Join us here: Bungie

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madhouse bill
madhouse bill

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Hi folks just to let you know DRUK are still open to new members and we are know running the dark below and crota content on a regular basis,

come join us all the best madhouse