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Hey I'm a big online gamer and I'm just getting really tired of losing some games or doing terrible in some games because of my lack of competitve teammates. I'm mostly play Rumble or Skirmish because it is much easier for me to control matches without having to deal with teammates or to not have them at all. I currently have 2.79 KD ratio overall (which could easily be a 3.00 or higher), and an 81% win percentage in Skirmish. I have very good knowledge about the game's maps, weapons, heavy ammo spawns, etc... Don't get me wrong, I love playing online for fun. But when it gets to the point when teammates are blindly rushing in with a uncommon shotgun, using an uncommon fusion rifle the WHOLE game, AFK for the whole match until being disconnected for inactivity, falling off the map repeatedly, or just completely oblivious about the game, it really kills the PvP experience. Although Rumble is a good substitute until my decently skilled friends go on to play with me on skirmish, it gets tiring after a while having to repeatedly concentrate on matches to win because anyone could win through a lucky streak (lucky multi kills after fights, super, heavy spawn right next to them, etc).
If anyone is skilled, or just very knowledgable about PvP and knows how to work the game but is more of a team player, please hit me up, I will always welcome others that want to play PvP with me, and who is willing to learn through constructive criticism on what they could do better. I always love having a team that I know can get the job at least 90 games out of 100, as I am willing to take on constructive criticism myself, if it benefits the squad, also benefits my play if possible, and gets W's on the scoreboard.
Thanks for hearing me out if anyone reads this, and send me a message on the xbox one, or send me a message on here, if your interested or are in the same situation as me and want a gaming bro :)

GT: My Hidden Vices
(I'm on pacific standard time, and usually go on after school on weekdays from 4-9 pm, friday 4-11, if I'm good with homework, and most of the day on weekends)
Hi Im Swat
Hi Im Swat

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My Hidden Vices said:

If you want to find people to play with, the correct place to post is the Looking For Group page