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Also tired of having a flooded friend's list and constantly having to organize a group? Yea, me too. While Destiny Tracker is all very helpful in helping you organize a group, it is tough getting a group together who you are familiar with.

I am looking for fun yet mature and organized people to start this off with me.

What PCG is offering:
- Organized Raids/Nightfalls/Strikes
- Tanking for new characters by other members
- Clan vs Clan events
- Guiding first-timers in raids, etc.

What we need from you:
- Character description.
- Good in-game communication skills.
- Time flexibility which will be less pressure when we gain more people.

(well damn, this pretty much is sounding like some spot for a job.)

If this is successful or if I atleast get to open this Clan. I'll open a Facebook group for better organization between members.

Send your profile to PSN: XyThaProdigy
- or through facebook:
- or simply reply to this post.
Please state your time availability in your message.

Thank you!

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You should link your Gamertag so we can visibly see your statistics. I'm always interested in PVP.