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With the new DLC just come out, if some of you are still stuck on how to unlock the new nightfall and heroic then i have a short guide for you!

TL:DR > Complete the 3 story missions, 25 kills bounty, then eyes,heart,hand of crota bounties. But if you'd like help with doing all of these, then click below and we can run through it in more detail.

Starting Off with Story Missions

First we need to go to the tower and speak to a new npc "Eris" . She is located just left of where you spawn, and you will get 3 story quests . Then she'll be rather kind and give you a bounty, "Kill 25 knights or wizards" .

Wizard and Hive Bounty

Now go make like Harry Potter and kill some wizards, or knights, and hand the bounty in. If you are struggling with this bounty, repeat the 2nd DLC quest on earth a few times, you can delay the death of the main enemy and it causes more knights and wizards to spawn.

Eyes of Crota, Heart of Crota, Hand of Crota

Back to Eris, who will now give you three patrol quests . We're going to blast through these, patrols =/= nightfall after all. Go to Earth and click patrol . Get on your sparrow and buzz through the Divide, and the Rocket Yard (if you're unsure of directions, you're going towards The Devil's Layer strike, many youtube guides for it.). On the left after the first tunnel past the Rocketyard you'll find a specially marked Hive enemy. Teach them who's boss with any manner of space magic, fist or guns and then all the subsequent spawns. This is your first bounty done, pat yourself on the back, have a coffee (or tea if you're British) and lets keep going.

Now reload your Earth patrol and start heading towards the Mothyards, and into Skywatch. Once you're inside the lunar complex, you'll come to part where you first screamed like a little girl at thralls running at you. Stick to the right hand wall, let your ghost guide you and hidden away is a sneaky little thrall. Kill it, and the rest of the room. Now despite all this killing letting you think it's another coffee break, it's not! Now continue through where you met your first wizard, and come out in Skywatch. Don't stop at the loot cave, jump over it and head through that building into Terrestrial Complex and keep running your little guardian heart out. Once your outside, you'll see the last special npc you need to kill. Kill it, and again everywhere around you that spawns.


Congratluations, you may be a monster who just tore through the hive like it was nothing but you've now unlocked the weekly heroic and nightfall .


Credit goes to reddit user /u/chrisjc, and you can find his post by clicking here , or don't click there, i can't tell you what to do... but he totally deserves some love for his hardwork.

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The Traveler

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how about the undying mind?

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superch1nk5469 said:how about the undying mind?

Sorry not a PS user, compeltely forgot.

Do the strike you unlocked once, you then get a bounty from Eris to do that strike again... Then you get the Undying mind strike unlocked.

Hope this helps