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Greetings Guardians.

Today we released a new tool that many have been asking for. This postgame stats tool allows you to see extensive stat breakdowns for game-modes such as Crucible (and all playlists in it), Strikes, Raids and story missions.

Check out your recent games!

Here is a preview of a Clash game!

And a Raid run:

All players stats can be clicked on to be expanded for much more detail. Here is a players breakdown from the Raid pictured above:

A few nice features about this tool include:

- The ability to link directly to a specific game, for bragging rights of course.
- Have an impressive Raid completion? Show it off!
- Ability to filter by Crucible playlist.
- Want to know what weapon you were getting obliterated by in PvP? Find that game and player and look at their loadout.
- Curious as to how many thralls you slayed in Crota's End? Or how many majors you killed in Winters Scourge? Look it up.
- You can also look up completion times for all Strikes, Raids and story missions.

As always, we will be adding to this feature and looking at all feedback. Please post any feedback or requests in this thread!

To look up your stats, simply follow this link, select your system and enter your GT / PSN ID!

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i love this update far too much.

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Fantastic update to the site!

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Hey that's me! =D

Nice update Xorth, Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this site.
Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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