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And it was so fun! I honestly can't understand cheesers (okay I can, getting it completed quickly and painlessly is a quick way to loot) considering how fun it is to play the game properly. Sure you can brag that you've got full raid gear and a million radiant materials after doing the raid every tuesday for about half an hour, but I enjoy the blood, sweat, tears and reward of actually completing a raid properly.

I paid £40 for this game plus £35 for the DLC, I'm gonna grind out every second to max enjoyment!

PS, my rewards were Titan chest and Hunger of Crota, dat tracking is hella sweet!

I've only ever cheesed the templar (couldn't find a raid group that DIDN'T want to cheese) and I would take a proper run over a cheese any day.

As a side note, if you want to join a Xbox 360 clan that only wants to play proper raids and strikes, hit us up here

Who else agrees?