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Ok so my account got banned for "spamming" in the LFG chat box. Wasnt aware that you couldnt post links to clan pages on that. Was just trying to get my clan bigger... Then I was given the info to not do that. So I didn't. Now someone is making accounts and spamming exactly what I was posting or something and the mod banned me again? I dont know what to do but I really like using this service.

mod name: Tyyger

Re: Re: Re: Re: Banned
You've been banned for spamming the LFG chat with clan messages. LFG is for groups / team members, there is a clan recruitment forum -> here.

You'll be unbanned tomorrow.

Honestly didn't know this information. Thanks for letting me know.

well i was going to revoke the ban, then you felt the need to create a new account and continue spamming your message.

Thanks for that, ban holds.

Won't be revoked for a while.

This is my only account. What gives?

I can tell those are your accounts. Can we not do this.

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We don't discuss bans on the forums, and i am going to lock this thread. But for clarity and to show i am not hiding anything.

I banned you for spamming, went to unban you as you apologised said you didn't understand.

As i was, an account at the same IP address starting spamming your clan message, that account got banned.

Then a third account was made from the same address, spamming the same message.

If you wish to discuss more, message me.

Thread closed.


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While it wasn't the proper location to post content, spamming the LFG chat with messages is strictly regulated so that other players can use the feature for its intended purpose. If you are banned by the xorthbot or another moderator, the creation of a new account to "dodge" the ban and continue with the same misconduct will result in longer term actions against your account.

The new accounts that continued to spam LFG show that they were created by you. For future reference, we have a forum dedicated to clan recruitment. You are more than welcome to post your recruitment efforts there.

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