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Crota has met his end at the hands of many a Fireteam. Now that you've had a chance to descend into hell and emerge victorious, we're inviting you to dig a little deeper. For the expert raiders among you, the hard mode version of this activity will provide the next challenge that Destiny has to offer.

Set Destination for Moon. Select Crota's End. Level 33 is what you're looking for. At this point in time, do we really need to tell you to be brave?

Why We Fight!


Primary Weapons of every variety can be plundered from different encounters throughout the Raid. With the application of some loving care and Radiant Materials, each of them has the potential to reach a Maximum Attack rating of 331.

Don’t forget that Hard Mode is also the only place to obtain “Crux of Crota,” the final piece needed to upgrade the Eidolon Ally (the gun formerly known as Husk of the Pit) to its full, Necrochasmic glory.


That’s Bane of the Dark Gods, in orbit over its port of origin.


Finally, there’s also a Hard Mode Exclusive color palette for your gear. It’s called Glowhoo. The first of you to earn it gets to show it off.

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