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SteelSeries Giveaway: How To Increase Your Chances

Participate and get a chance to win some SteelSeries goodies!

Our friends over at SteelSeries have given us a bunch of prizes to give away to our fab users! These prizes include 3x Arctis Nova 7 headsets and 2x Prime Mice! Five lucky winners will be selected to win one of the prizes.

How to Participate?

Once you've read through this page, head over to our Gleam page, you'll find multiple ways to participate.

How do I Maximize my Chances of Winning?

To maximize your chances of winning, you'll want to download "SteelSeries GG" (download from our Gleam page). This software allows you to capture video game moments, edit the clips and share them with your friends without any hassle. It's so simple!

Once you've downloaded the software, you have the option of sharing your favourite clip with us for additional entries into the giveaway! Just hit the share button and post the clip on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #SteelSeriesMoments #TRN. Make sure to head back to our Gleam page to confirm your submission.

Yes, I missed out on a triple lineup :(

Additionally, downloading our mobile stat tracking app and exploring our desktop apps will also increase your chances. All the links to those are on our Gleam page.

Winner! When?

The activity started on the 14th Oct, 2022, you have until the 6th Nov, 2022 to enter the giveaway and complete the optional additional activities. We will contact the winners 14th Nov, 2022.

Terms and Conditions

  • We will contact the winners via the email inputted into our Gleam. If a winner does not respond within 72 hours, we will contact another candidate.
  • Prize items are subject to change to equal value.
  • Clips captured and shared with us must have been captured by the SteelSeries Moments application. Irrelevant clip submissions will result in your entries being cancelled.
  • The competition is not open to any individual under the age of fourteen (14).
  • Please refer to our Gleam page for the full terms and conditions.


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1 month ago

I play with razer mouse and i have stealseries headset i want to change the mouse

1 month ago

i want to win bad my set up is so bad

1 month ago

i play on speakers i hope i could win this

1 month ago

I reallu hope i win because i have a mouse, a keyboard and a mousepad from you guys, my headset is very old when i play valorant or fortnite my teammates can berely hear me because it doesn't have a mic and i speak threw the camera and i dont hear sometimes threw the headphones. I have problems with money right now so i cannot afford a headset. Im using Tracker since fortnite chapter 2 season 1. I really hope i win this because i really need and im a big fan of steelseries. Love u

1 month ago

I play on some old headphones, they're not bad, but the headset would help me get better and it would be more comfortable. The headset would suit my setup bc I already have a mouse and keyboard from you. I would appreciate if i ore some one who needs this, could get it.

1 month ago

I hope i win because i really am in need of a new headset and mouse as my old ones are getting old and i dont have the finances to buy any new ones 😦 I have been using tracker for years; starting with destiny and rocket league a lil bit of fortnite and now valorahnt for some while now

1 month ago

pls my Mouse is broken and i use Tracker ca 1 Year this is so nice


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