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Icon depicting A Death of Nightmares.
A Death of Nightmares Quest Step, Exotic Bring the Singing Skull to Eris Morn to complete your terrifying new instrument of war.
Icon depicting ACD/0 Feedback Fence.
ACD/0 Feedback Fence Gauntlets, Exotic The Active Contact Defense system uses warsat hull materials to store a retaliatory charge.
Icon depicting Actium War Rig.
Actium War Rig Chest Armor, Exotic Conflict Resolution Solution #3479: Leave them to rest wherever they may fall.
Icon depicting Advanced Safecracking 201.
Advanced Safecracking 201 Quest Step, Exotic The key generator is seeded with viable combat data, and it can now output keycodes… but to constrain the possible set of generated codes, Ghost says…
Icon depicting Aeon Safe.
Aeon Safe Gauntlets, Exotic "We are unique emanations of the same shared Light." —Cult of the Aeons
Icon depicting Aeon Soul.
Aeon Soul Gauntlets, Exotic "We are unique emanations of the same shared Light." —Cult of the Aeons
Icon depicting Aeon Swift.
Aeon Swift Gauntlets, Exotic "We are unique emanations of the same shared Light." —Cult of the Aeons
Icon depicting An Education.
An Education Quest Step, Exotic Banshee has a new Exotic weapon catalyst for you—but first he needs a favor.
Icon depicting An Insurmountable Skullfort.
An Insurmountable Skullfort Helmet, Exotic BRAINVAULT Sigma-ACTIUM-IX Cranial Dreadnought (Invincible Type)
Icon depicting Antaeus Wards.
Antaeus Wards Leg Armor, Exotic Do you believe in the Gaiaforms, the energies within planets?
Icon depicting Apotheosis Veil.
Apotheosis Veil Helmet, Exotic Most helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.
Icon depicting Applied Cryptosecurity.
Applied Cryptosecurity Quest Step, Exotic You've completed all the necessary calibrations on the key generator. The only thing remaining is a biometric authentication from Banshee. Return to…
Icon depicting Arbitrage LXI.
Arbitrage LXI Ship, Exotic Race low. Feint high.
Icon depicting Armamentarium.
Armamentarium Chest Armor, Exotic For this, there is one remedy.
Icon depicting Ascendant Shard.
Ascendant Shard Material, Exotic Required for forging Masterwork gear. Obtained from challenging activities or purchasable from the Gunsmith in the Tower.
Icon depicting Ashen Wake.
Ashen Wake Gauntlets, Exotic “It is your turn. These people will follow you to the very end. Remember that we were forged in Light.” —Aodh, Second Empyreal Magistrate of the…
Icon depicting Assassin's Cowl.
Assassin's Cowl Helmet, Exotic Now you see me. Now you don't.
Icon depicting Astrocyte Verse.
Astrocyte Verse Helmet, Exotic The ideocosm contained within this helm transforms the wearer's head from flesh and/or exoneurons to the pure, raw stuff of thought.
Icon depicting Blast Chariot.
Blast Chariot Vehicle, Exotic "I watched this baby rip a trench into the ground out in the flats. Maybe tune it down a bit." —Amanda Holliday
Icon depicting Blood Runner.
Blood Runner Vehicle, Exotic Remember the lost. Repay the debt.
Icon depicting Brumeswept Night.
Brumeswept Night Vehicle, Exotic By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.
Icon depicting Celestial Nighthawk.
Celestial Nighthawk Helmet, Exotic Starlight is your guide. No vacuum will contain you.
Icon depicting Chiropteran Shell.
Chiropteran Shell Ghost Shell, Exotic For Ghosts who embody vengeance and the night.
Icon depicting Choir of the Damned.
Choir of the Damned Quest Step, Exotic Fight your way into the depths of the Circle of Bones, survive the Aria, and defeat the Deathsinger, Ir Airâm. Then, bring her skull to Eris Morn.
Icon depicting Chromatic Fire.
Chromatic Fire Chest Armor, Exotic "…found them… Crystal Orchards of Dione… requesting backup… coordinates to follow…" —Last transmission of Fireteam Pergamon
Icon depicting Claws of Ahamkara.
Claws of Ahamkara Gauntlets, Exotic The mind is malleable, filled with transient and fleeting ideas. Let us shape it, so that you may see the infinite splendor of the universe.
Icon depicting Contraverse Hold.
Contraverse Hold Gauntlets, Exotic "Nothing is free. I know that. Therefore, he knows it too. If our places were swapped, he would do the same." —Tomek I
Icon depicting Core of Nightmares.
Core of Nightmares Quest Step, Exotic "The Decryption Core is mended, but remains inactive. I was able to mine it for further data, and there are segments of data in a language I'm unable…
Icon depicting Crest of Alpha Lupi.
Crest of Alpha Lupi Chest Armor, Exotic Whoever survives our passing does so only by our consent.
Icon depicting Crown of Tempests.
Crown of Tempests Helmet, Exotic Mighty are they of the stormcloud thrones, and quick to anger, but bounteous to those whom they love.
Icon depicting Cuttlebone.
Cuttlebone Ship, Exotic "And of course, the siphuncle is essential. Heh. Siphuncle. What a great word." —Pahanin Errata
Icon depicting Deathbringer.
Deathbringer Rocket Launcher, Exotic "Sing them a lullaby of death and nothing more."
Icon depicting Defragmentation.
Defragmentation Quest Step, Exotic "I had to dig deep into encrypted Vex data to find anything regarding the core. I didn't find much—only that it's designed for decryption of…
Icon depicting Descent.
Descent Quest Step, Exotic Your path brightens, shining through the barrier of emerald, beneath a harbor built from sorrow.
Icon depicting Desperate Measures.
Desperate Measures Quest Step, Exotic Use the forges to complete Legendary frames. Defeat Vex with Fusion Rifles.
Icon depicting Divinity.
Divinity Trace Rifle, Exotic Calibrate reality. Seek inevitability. Embody divinity.
Icon depicting Doom Fang Pauldron.
Doom Fang Pauldron Gauntlets, Exotic Nobody calls it that.
Icon depicting Dunemarchers.
Dunemarchers Leg Armor, Exotic Whether on solid rock or shifting sand dune, the inexorable Sand Eaters never slow their pace.
Icon depicting Economics of War.
Economics of War Quest Step, Exotic The key generator needs just a little more data before you're ready to return to Banshee for final authentication. To further limit the possible…
Icon depicting Emergence.
Emergence Quest Step, Exotic Around you… darkness. If you are to discover your path, you must anchor yourself to light.
Icon depicting Empowered Decryption Core.
Empowered Decryption Core , Exotic The Decryption Core seems to vibrate as you place it on the Lectern of Enchantment.
Icon depicting Encrypted Engram.
Encrypted Engram Engram, Exotic A rare engram with unusual markers. A Cryptarch should be able to decode this into a piece of equipment.
Icon depicting Eriana's Vow.
Eriana's Vow Hand Cannon, Exotic A light in the dark.
Icon depicting Eriana's Vow.
Eriana's Vow Hand Cannon, Exotic A light in the dark.
Icon depicting Eriana's Vow.
Eriana's Vow Hand Cannon, Exotic A light in the dark.
Icon depicting Eris Morn Shell.
Eris Morn Shell Ghost Shell, Exotic For Ghosts who confront all fears.
Icon depicting Eternal Warrior.
Eternal Warrior Helmet, Exotic Absolute, unflinching resolve.
Icon depicting Exotic Engram.
Exotic Engram Engram, Exotic An engram with remarkable encoding markers. A Cryptarch would be thrilled to decode this to reveal its true nature.

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Introduced In Season Season 8
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