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Bungie Podcast Recap

The Bungie Podcast was posted on Tuesday, you can check it out here!

If you'd prefer a recap of what was mentioned in the podcast, watch the videos below.

aPK put together a video on Wednesday recapping the podcast, going over new multiplayer info and new weapons.

Also, MoreConsole broke down the podcast in a video earlier today. Info on guns, multiplayer, PvP, arenas were all explained.

Mail Sack - 27th Sept

Bungie posted up what they have called "The Last Mail Sack" yesterday, check it out!

Read up about:

-Community Questions Answered
-New Destiny Wallpapers

Read all of it in the News Article here.

Destiny Guns, Lots of Guns

Check out some sweet renders and screenshots of some of the Destiny weapons recently released by Bungie!

All weapons will be available in game with their own custom skill trees.

Weapons shown include:
- 'Closing Time' Sniper Rifle
- 'Duke mk. 44' Revolver
- 'Gjallarhorn' Rocket Launcher
- 'Red Death' Pulse Rifle
- 'Thunderlord' Machine Gun

Link to the article here!

Destiny Community Thank You

Bungie just released a new video as a thank you to the amazing community who are fans of the upcoming game. Click here to check it out, or watch via the embed below!

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