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Bungie Weekly Update - 08/22/2014

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~Destiny has gone gold, game discs are being made and packaged into crates for distribution
~Bungie will be at Pax - Full details HERE! will be updated in time for Destiny's release and Bungie are looking for new forum Ninjas (moderators) and Mentors (community helpers)
~Destiny Ghost Ice Bucket challenge.
~Bungie Mail Sack

Only 17 Days to go, Guardians!

Will you be attending PAX Prime 2014? Let us know here!

Official Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

New game modes announced are:
*Skirmish - Small team tactics. Kill the enemy and revive teammates
*Rumble - Free for all
*Salvage - Salvage enemy relics by killing the enemy.
*Clash - All out team warfare. Destroy the Enemy.
*Combined Arms - All out team warfare with vehicles

What do you think about the announced game modes? Discuss in the forums!

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