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Meet The House Of Wolves Iron Banner Gear!

Lord Saladin (Salad Tin) & The Iron Banner make their first appearance in Destiny since the House Of Wolves DLC dropped on the 2nd of June. With the DLC came brand new armor sets for each class and below you can see them all! Enjoy!

Hunter Gear

Warlock Gear

Titan Gear

Destiny The Show #46 House of Wolves Is Awesome!

Destiny The Show is back with episode #46 for you all! - We suggest you open a new tab to listen!

Podcast only link! (No Video) PODCAST

On Today’s Show

Learn about the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty and how to receive it. We talk House of Wolves Level 35 PoE & Trials of Osiris. One full week into House of Wolves and we are loving it! If you enjoyed please leave a like and subscribe for more

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Xur Agent of the Nine - 29th May


Exotic Gear

Crest of Alpha Lupi [Titan Chest Armor] [157 Intellect] [13 SC]
Achlyophage Symbiote [Hunter Helmet] [113 Discipline] [13 SC]
Nothing Manacles [Warlock Gauntlets] [45 Intellect] [13 SC]
Patience and Time [Sniper Rifle] [17 SC]
Exotic Shard [Material] [7 SC]
Exotic Engram [Gauntlet Engram] [23 MoL]


Scout Rifle Telemetry [Consumable] [1 SC]
Shotgun Telemetry [Consumable] [1 SC]
Sniper Rifle Telemetry [Consumable] [1 SC]
Void Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
Stealth Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]

Highlights from the Bungie Weekly Update – 05/28/2015

The Trials Of Osiris Numbers!

3,798,561 = Trials of Osiris matches played

118,627,301 = Kills (or Deaths, if your glass be half-empty)

188,442 = Players visited the Mercurial promised land

299,001 = Guardians scored a perfect scorecard

The Trials Of Osiris will be back tomorrow at 10 Pacific; Sadly Deej was asked not to discuss what map will be going live just yet!

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Site Updates - Trials of Osiris, Prison of Elders

What an amazing week. Bungie did an amazing job on the House of Wolves. We have updated the site to help you get even more out enjoyment out of it.

- Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner Stats Now LIVE. Go to your Crucible Playlist stats!
--- True skill is enabled!
- Trials of Osiris Leaderboards are live
- So are Iron Banner Leaderboards (NEW!)
- We released a Competitive LFG Feature, shows all stats!

Stay tooned for more cool stuff. We're going to do some cool things with this new competitive feature.

- Prison of Elders stats are now online. Go to your stats page and click on PvE. Example
- Prison of Elders Speed Run Leaderboard is online
---Skolas's Revenge Speed Run

Enjoy the DLC and good luck! Check your stats here!

Trials of Osiris is LIVE!

We have released a competitive crucible LFG system with stats! Perfect for the skilled player who needs to build a team for Trials of Osiris
Check it out

What happens when you go undefeated for all 9 games?

A new area called the Lighthouse opens on your destination map. You can go there, and open a chest that drops exotics, and DLC weapons w/ elemental damage.

But what guns should you use? We got you covered.

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