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Re: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility It would be awesome if Halo Reach and Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was playable through backwards compa
Re: Looking For Group to Do Raids and Nightfalls with Weekly - XBOX One [mention]SugarAppul[/mention] [mention]iSpyNoFvks[/mention] [mention]sotizzle8404[/mention] This is
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? [color=#bba3ff]I play off and on but the clan I am in are made of douches. [/color]
Bungie Weekly Update - 1/22/15 [center][url=][img]htt
Re: Bungie Weekly Update - 1/15/15 I made an edit on the Necrochasm so be sure to read that so it doesn't cause confusion!
Bungie Weekly Update - 1/15/15 [center][url=][img]htt
Re: [Site News] Light Levels & Crota Loot [color=#bba3ff]The helmets you get are awesome looking. Especially the warlocks![/color]
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics [color=#bba3ff]The Titan needs more love. Especially the defender :3[/color]
Re: Congratulations Auto, on the birth of your son!!! [color=#bba3ff]Auto looks like he is getting the death stare. Congratz Auto! and future Xorth :P[/co
Re: Tired of Horrible Team Mates in Iron Banner? [color=#bba3ff]You can post [url=]here[/url] to find teammates.
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [color=#bba3ff] I want my emblem to work throughout all 4 games, not just H2A. I also wan't the vibr
Re: Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic Trailer [img][/img]
Re: Destiny for 10 years? How about making it to where both consoles get the same amount of DLC on release instead of charging
XboxOne Dashboard Template! [color=#bba3ff]Xbox has announced that you will soon be able to apply your own backgrounds for the X
Re: Exotic Bounty Guide [quote=VerruckterSchakal]So Bad Juju is the easiest of them to do?[/quote] [color=#bba3ff] I believ
Re: Weapons to take on the raid [quote=katkikr] goblin or hobble gobble (just for you, Lynx)[/quote] [color=#bba3ff]Yes! ♥ To contr
Re: Facebook community page come join [color=#bba3ff]You can also post [url=]here[/url] to create gro
Re: What is your Go-to subclass? [color=#bba3ff]The Hunters BladeDancer is my favorite.[/color]
Re: [Site News] Shader 3d Preview! [color=#bba3ff]Now I don't have to spend useless money!![/color]
Re: Your Destiny Pet Peeves [color=#BBA3FF]-Shotguns -ARs -Constant supers in bigger games[/color]
Re: [Site News]All known Destiny unlock codes. [u]3 new emblem codes! Found[/u] [url=]here
Re: Grimoire Points [color=#bba3ff]Found this, not much detail though. [/color][img][/im
Re: What class are you? [color=#bba3ff]Hunter all teh way[/color]
Re: All in-Game icons so far. [color=#FF66FF]b2, r28, c59 and e25 are my favorites. [/color]
Re: What are you playing while waiting for Destiny? [color=lightskyblue]Halo 4, Mass effect, Cod, Titanfall and achievement games. [/color]
Re: Text color options [color=lightskyblue]I know you can use the BBC, just would be nice to have the HTR function. Was eas
Image Icon blank Not sure if a bug but will post it anyways. The image icon is black/blank when you go to make a repl
Re: If You Could Game with Anyone.... [color=lightskyblue]The Arbiter or Morgan Freeman[/color]
Re: What game's filling the void? [color=lightskyblue]Titanfall, Halo, Mass Effect, and games for achievements. Not missing the beta t
Re: PVE, PVP, or Both? [color=lightskyblue]I liked the PvE more than the PvP to be honest. Can't give a good reason, just d
Re: Twitch Hub [color=lightskyblue]Night and I have a dual stream now :)[/color] [url=
Re: Post Your Picture [img]
Re: Destiny unlock codes. [color=lightskyblue]Nice Swat. Got all of them :D[/color]
Re: Games you are looking forward to the most? [color=lightskyblue]The new Halo is kind of exciting now. Destiny is still meh for me :/[/color]
Text color options [color=lightskyblue]Could we get the original text color function like on HTR? On here you can only
Re: Games you are looking forward to the most? [color=lightskyblue]Watchdogs Titanfall The Division PvZ Garden Warfare Fable Anniversary in a
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? [quote=SuffrN][quote=Darkened Lynx][Color=lightskyblue]I'm getting the HTC One for my birthday tomor
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? [Color=lightskyblue]I'm getting the HTC One for my birthday tomorrow. :)[/color] [spoiler][IMG]http
Re: All-Time Favorite Game [color=lightskyblue]I loved Gex! Played it everyday after school. [/color] [IMG]
Re: Lost Reputation [Color=lightskyblue] Same here, was at 62, now at 17.[/color]
Re: Pimp Yo Sig [color=lightskyblue]Mines baws v[/color]
Desktop wallpapers [color=lightskyblue]Post your desktop wallpapers! I have mine set to change everyday. 9 total, but
Re: Post your dream ride [spoiler][IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG][/spoil
Re: Shit gamers say [color=lightskyblue]"Wow" "Oh my god dude" (guilty as charged) "Get out BR'd" "So bad" "No life"
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? [color=lightskyblue]Mine matches Night's, with the Darkened. I wanted Lynx because Angelz got boring
Re: Where would you like to fight in Destiny? [color=lightskyblue]Some place that has snow and mountains. I don't know where all of Destiny is tak
Re: GTA V Gameplay [color=lightskyblue]That looks pretty awesome! Cant wait for all the cool features they brought in.
Re: Post Your Picture [color=lightskyblue]Night and I before seeing Monsters University 3D. [/color] [img]
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? [color=lightskyblue]HTC Inspire. [/color]
Re: Favorite memories of H2 [color=lightskyblue]Playing as the Arbiter, and finally elites! Also doing glitches like super jumps

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