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Re: I wanna do raids I highly recommend creating multiple guardians of the same class, so that you can level up your weap
Re: I wanna do raids GT: FRYMEN | I have a lvl 31 warlock, and I am working on another warlock this week. I can assist th
Re: Does level matter enough in the iron banner? I completely understand what you are saying. I try to not underestimate players and not have high ex
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [url=]@FRYMEN1[/url]
Re: Do you live in New York City? xbox one. The clan name is BBS: Band of Bros and Sis [url=
Re: Do you live in New York City? I'm down. I'm NJ now, but the time zone is still the same, and the city is not far. I have a clan al
VoG | Possible 6th and 7th chest found [url=
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? My Gamertag was created from my Pops and I. He is big in videogames, and we both wanted to play on t
Character K/D daily line graph bar | cut off issue The Character K/D seems to cut off my current info. The data is leaving the border it is intended to
Re: Is Destiny's Raid being patched? @elobosanac, please go the LFG page. Do not request that here. (my GT: FRYMEN and I am down later th
Re: Weapon War: 77 Wizard vs. Light/Beware I own the light/beware and I use it way more often than my EXOTIC fusion: Pocket Infinity.
Re: Possible "Progress" tab additions? Yeah, that makes sense. Let's do it!
Re: Survey | College Project It's okay, you can still spread the word to your parents / family or friends that are working. Thank
Re: Malice eSports Clan recruiting for strikes/raids - established, mature gamers So, I signed up, but I do not have access to the forums. Please advise.
Re: Get rid of Win/Loss ratio bring out a Win/Loss percentage I concur. I approve this message.
Re: Check Faction ranks using this browser app This is really nice, I must say.
Re: Vault of Glass Oracles - A New Way to Win Post-Update This is what I would call: "The exploit dilemma" Some people enjoy the risk that comes with the r
Re: Favorite Final Fantasy? Final Fantasy VII is the best one, hands down.
Re: Destiny Hero-The new unofficial minigame [quote=katkikr]Ok, like it says this is not an official game mode or anything of the sort, but its s
Re: Survey | College Project Thank you, Jennie. I greatly appreciate it.
Re: New Game Modes (Crucible) I would like to see a "ricochet" gametype. If you do not know about Ricochet, checkout this video
Re: Survey | College Project No pressure. I am on the site enough that I feel people can trust this post.
Survey | College Project Hello all, Please check out the link below: [url= ]https
Re: Aetheon Knock-Off Method I have never beat the raid until last night, thanks to this "knock off" method. I approve this messa
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? This is all new to me... but I still love it. Challenge accepted.
Re: The noob's guide to PVE [quote=]Fifth, once you hit 20, pick a faction and activity to go with it. Whether you want to go w
Re: Rep Farm Routes Bounties, Bounties, and more bounties. I don't know why, but it just hit me last night how important
The "Guilds" (Monarchy, Dead Orbit, FWC) and the crucible gamtypes for each Hello, Does anyone know if you get more rep points (or something to that extent) when you play th
Re: Public Event Schedule! Great post, guardian.
Re: Grimoire Cards Matter.... it turns out. Great quote / rip. Thanks for sharing.
Attack vs. Impact - Weapon Damage Explained Good afternoon, Guardians. I have been looking for this information for a very long time. Since I
Re: Make Friends (XboxONE) Good afternoon, Guardians. My GT: FRYMEN I have a "mid-size" clan of mature & above-average ga
Re: How to capture your Destiny clips on Xbox One using Game DVR and SmartGlass Great post!
Re: 1 New Emblem Code! Thanks, MegaSword. You really are always looking out. I greatly appreciate it.
Re: 2 New Codes: Shaders Thanks for the info.

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