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Over KD and LFG KD different Overall KD is higher than the KD that is shown when I post on LFG. Why?
Comp. LFG Error On competitive LFG, I can never add a players GT whenever I post for crucible.
Control Vs Bungie Team [XBOX ONE] I am assembling a team of highly skilled guardians to take on the challenge of facing the Bungie Tea
Re: [XB1] Seventh Chamber is Recruiting! What's your GT? I cannot find stats on you or SC.
Re: Bungie #MOTW question How about on this site?
Bungie #MOTW question How many videos can I submit at one time? I have a bunch of them, and I know they'll only pick one,
Re: PVP Clan [Xbox One] Your comment sounded extra salty, why? I mean, I'd be mad if I had your stats too.
PVP Clan [Xbox One] Which would be the best clan to join for pvp players? I'm looking for an MLG clan with players that
Re: Location update Yes it did! Thank you
Leadership Boards Do 360 and One players share leadership boards? As in, will I still be where I'm ranked as if I swit
Location update I live in CT, USA. I filtered DTR SCORE - SKIRMISH - USA - CT. I am not reflecting to be #1...or on

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