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Calcified Fragments Theres any way to know what fragment missing with my titan ? because i grabed some with my hunter an
Rumble Grimoire With the new changes can any one tell me if i place in the first 3 places playing rumble counts as a
Re: combined arms grimoire card [quote=TheBigL][quote=João Saraiva]Played 2 games in this playlist to win the grimoire card and noth
combined arms grimoire card Played 2 games in this playlist to win the grimoire card and nothing how to obtain this?
Re: Grimoire score off by 5. SAme problem here , in game and i have 2720 and here 2725
Re: Grimoire Any news?
Re: Grimoire Crucible kills as titan
Grimoire Titan kills in crucible not updating My grimoire

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