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Strikeforce Masamune is recruiting again. [360] Greetings, Guardians. Strikeforce Masamune is once again opening the doors of our meeting hall to
Strikeforce Masamune recruiting Female Gamers (360) Looking to diversify our roster. Check out our group forum or PM me if interested. https://www.b
Re: Is Sparrow League counting against my Combat Rating? Hmm. I can't see SRL stats in my stat queue anymore at They may have stealth patched t
Is Sparrow League counting against my Combat Rating? I am a pretty good deathmatch player but I am a rubbish sparrow racer. Is SRL calculating into CR a
Strikeforce Masamune Is Recruiting (Xbox 360) Strikeforce Masamune is looking for new and active members on Xbox 360. Not everyone has the time to

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