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Trials of Osiris Year 2 Week 12 Highlights [Crucible Dynasty] [youtube]B519761vXh4[/youtube] Edited by NotoriousChronic Enjoy :)
Crucible Dynasty - Clantage 01 [youtube]2Nt_HzFYyUg[/youtube] Let me know what you guys think, also bit of swearing in the last
Trials Week 7 Clan Highlights [Crucible Dynasty] [youtube]RPo_bC6ZzRE[/youtube] Week 7! Enjoy guys, subscribe if your like our stuff, also check o
Trials Week 6 Clan Highlights [Crucible Dynasty] [youtube]_KCYEeCcGEk[/youtube] Good map this week, enjoy guys :)
Trials Week 5 Clan Highlights! [youtube]UbganAfE_WU[/youtube] All feedback is appreciated, enjoy :)
Year 2 Trials of Osiris Week 4 Clan Highlights [youtube]_lsZyjnriNY[/youtube] All feedback is welcome, enjoy :)
Trials of Osiris Year 2 Week 1 Clan Highlights [Montage] Crucible Dynasty Members In Video: BeeForce4420, NotoriousChronic, PsYcO_pOm, AngelEternalHope, Zara
Crucible Montage Montage with some old clips & some new ones, let me k

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