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I am looking for Players on 360 that regularly want to do the Raids and Nightfalls

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Re: banned from chat.#help and i wasnt asking a staff member i was asking another user directly and you jumped in and i reacted
Re: banned from chat.#help i mean really dude if you aren't a moderator or admin stop butting into my shit if there is an issue
Re: banned from chat.#help it is up to him if wants to say or not if he didnt want to say he didnt have to respond he doesnt ne
Re: banned from chat.#help god damn not this shit again
Re: What is your catch phrase? When getting ready to shoot a rocket launcher "shoot that bitch with a rocket, bitches love rockets.
Re: Kids are stupid playin destiny you can always cuss them out that is what i do
Re: banned from chat.#help [quote=Marcuz]I was banned from chat, i know i over did it, my apologies. :( #lessonlearned[/quote]
Re: I wanna do raids I am on Xbox 360 and my gamertag is the same as this username i need a regular group for the raids s

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