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Hi Im Lone Wolf Stenooooo
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Looking for Clan Members So, my friend created a clan and currently me and another friend are in his clan. We need one more c
Re: Trueskill confusing I think the true skill rating depends on current games. It fluctuates and changes depending on your
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? My gamer tag is Mr JellyMan04 I have an xbox so therefore use xbox live. When I first started, i ha
Re: Expansions [quote=Bane][quote=Mr Jelly Man04]besides iron banner?[/quote] Do you want me to tell you that yo
Re: Expansions :D
Re: Expansions [quote=Bane][quote=Mr Jelly Man04]Do you know the other ways to get light 30 armor (besides raids) c
Re: Expansions Do you know the other ways to get light 30 armor (besides raids) coming in the DLC?
Re: Expansion Pass Help I don't need help anymore. I solved this by myself by logging out and logging back in. I just needed
Expansion Pass Help I recently purchased and downloaded the Destiny Expansion Pass (Xbox 360) and I saw it download in t

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