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Re: No CTF? Same here man. They're all slayer.
Re: Official Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Trailer 5 out of 6 modes is slayer... Why?
Re: [Site News] Beta Characters Will NOT Transfer to Retail! That 's actually good news to me. Everyone starts on the same foot and I don't feel bad for scrappin
Re: Make Friends (XboxONE) Palkia iz KinG
Re: Destiny 'Competitive multiplier' to be shown at Gamescon Can't wait to see what they have planned.
Re: Post your dream ride [img]
Re: Leveling above level 20 explained! I had feeling could you level up higher than 20. Thank you Bungie!
Re: What game's filling the void? Nothing else can fill this hole in my heart. That was probably the best beta I've ever played.
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? Xbox One
Re: A few exotic items from the BETA LOL the bad juju sounds too funny to not want.
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey guys, I'm long time halo player thats into anything fun & soon-to-be Auto Tech for Sears to star
Re: PVE, PVP, or Both? Both
Re: Destiny Beta Poll Primary- Assault Rifle Secondary- Sniper Rifle

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