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here for a good time and a long time

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Hey Im Swat Blacksheep25 LockSim Shpongle ch33ze311 B TheBigL Tyyger Avy Sorge Liar xorth
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Re: Post your Gaming Area! Gehtto gaming area lol i prefer tube tv for FPS thinking of getting a lcd for other games the lov
Trip back home the look off [IMG][/IMG] My dads dog argos/bubs [IMG]http://i.imgu
Shit gamers say anything and everything that we say or have heared, but nothing Derogatory or abusive Nice aimbot
Post your tattoos and piercings [IMG][/IMG] Celtic Infinity knot [IMG]
Post your dream ride For all those who either bike/other form of travel or wish they had siting at their house One day
Post your ride same as before from HTR, your real ride please [IMG][/IMG] special
Re: Post Your Picture [IMG][/IMG] few months old will post a new one soon
Re: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game to play? [quote=K0P Plague]Perfect Dark - loved that game.[/quote] bro thats N64 but still a great game
Re: Post your Gaming Area! lol mines the gehtto compared to these lol post it tommorw
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? could of gone s3 but prefer the Samsung galaxy s 2 lte hd, lovely phone
Re: Do you think Destiny is going to sell alright? um bungie made a new game, ACN 5 o clock news, 30 people trampled to death while trying to get into
Favorite memories of H2 all of it lol, but i would say it was the system link 8 guys making random games, aka zombies, fight
Re: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game to play? donky kong country, are you tuff nuff punk, starwars(forget full title), of course mario, TMNT torun
What are you expecting from destiny/ wanting if its anything like borderlands i am excited because if bungie works on it i know it will be amazin
Re: What are you favorite colors? blue, purple,sage,grey white,
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? i will half to see stats for all but most likely hunter or titan, not much into magice so i hope the
Re: Introduce Yourself well you all know who i am mostly but its SAINTS (all caps a must) work at a durg rehab center, i my

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