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YEAR 1 GUARÐIANS, WE NEED YOU FOR CRUCIBLE! : The Bungie Outreach Program [PS4] [b]Who Are We :[/b] The Bungie Outreach Program is a D1 PVP clan rebooted for D2. We run raids, we d
YEAR 1 GUARÐIAN : Searching For A PVP Focused Clan [PS4] KingNotix here looking for a clan to join. Just decided I wanted to be apart of something more PVP f
Re: (PS4) (PvP) (Serious) Lets Make an Awesome PvP Group. KingNotix Have only one main PvP character , other is for raid equips and what not. Deleted my
Re: Math Question regarding true skill and other stats See that is what I find disturbing about the trueskill system and how the community rates players. I
Math Question regarding true skill and other stats Simple question I do not think will be to hard to answer. If one plays 500 games straight - each ran
Tracking Stats: Guardians true skill The basis of this post is to sum up my opinions and feedback of the current system DTR uses. Current

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