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Fjawks trollzark FsG Xtreme zoreas1277 Kryxel JoEy0106 daweeze02 Dave5050 kenrod87 Sarge88 VenomGames God ILOGAIN Auto MoronicThrone VerruckterSchakal mraecx Vek katkikr
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Stream tab idea :) [color=#00CCFF]I have a suggestion or idea. bring back the Halotracker streams. bring back the old h
Re: Twitch Hub [color=#00CCFF]Hey guys if you all could do me a huge favor and give me a follow on twitch. The help
How Bungie can fix the exotic upgrade and vendors in the next dlc ok so we all know how the Dark below dlc was complete (insert vulgar word of choice here). Having to
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? [color=#33CCCC]I like sharks. Everyone knows me as Sharky (or shark) cause of my shark backpack, 10
Destiny RNG Prayer [color=#00CCCC](I apologize ahead of time for anyone this may have offended or upset, it wasn't my i
12.3.14 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Content Update Notes The update notes on Halo's website can be found [url=
Faction shaders and how to get them [color=#FFFF00]From my knowledge faction shaders are random. You have the chance to receive a factio
Destiny Update 12/01/14 The one about Exotics. And the Raid! I decided to post the update on here for everyone. If you you wish to read the official post by Bung
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [quote=VerruckterSchakal] So much so, they plan on giving us some sort of compensation for our patie
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [color=#33CCFF]no one told to you all to play MCC and experience the bugs and flaws. if you dont lik
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [quote=Morarn]Even if the game is a wonder in the coding department, they have bug and problems that
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [color=#33CFFC]They aren't doing [/color][color=#FF0000][b][u]ANYTHING[/u][/b][/color][color=#33CFFC
Re: Super Black Shader??? An all black shader does exist. I'm currently wearing it. if you view my profile you will see the sh
Re: More Avatars! [color=#33CCCC]ah so my idea was considered? or was it just a coincidence I happened to ask about th
New Destiny avatar ideas. I think there aren't enough avatars for the profiles. just wanted to give some ideas for other avata
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? It's first few days of the game. They'll fix it. With this much content I'm not even upset that ther
Re: Twitch Hub [color=#33CCFF][/color]
Re: [Site News] Xur Agent of the Nine - 24/10/2014 [quote=Tyyger][center]. [url=]Crest of A
Re: Shader Preview [color=#33CCFF]so far the only browser that works is firefox and I believe google chrome works as we
Re: If You Could Game with Anyone.... [color=#00CCFF]Ninja PGL[/color]

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