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Hi Im Swat
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All Dead Ghosts For House of Wolves [youtube]MwoMnwTIjwQ[/youtube] Struggling to find the ghosts? In the words of Draco Malfoy I can he
Re: XP rates? So that's the xp rewards before the nightfall bonus?
XP rates? What are the different xp bonuses you get from story missions etc? Once bounty's are done just wonde
Re: HM vs NM/HM? No but I mean if you just do hard your only get 1 roll?
HM vs NM/HM? Does doing NM then HM increase exotic drop chances or are you better off just running hard?
Re: Grimoire question? I've been reading a few posts of people saying run bosses on normal then hard to get a better chance
Grimoire question? Kills with certain weapons/killing a certain mob do these count in raids/nightfalls/strikes? As so f

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