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Re: Looking for a mature clan on Xbox One Hey. I've got lots of stuff to do too. We can do some stuff together . If you interested just poke m
Re: First 2016 clan for Xbox One. Soldiers of the Cause What timezone are you guys?
Re: Malice eSports is looking for mature, dedicated X1 gamers US/UK Question for you guys. How do you manage raids and similar stuff (nightfall for example). I'm lookin
Re: [XB1] Looking for a PVE clan do do raids with. Advanced warlock to 301, titan to 296 and hunter to 289. Still looking for an ORGANIZED(for example
Re: Looking for raid clan on Xbox 360 Good luck with that. I'm trying to find one too and so far i was not able to find any group who woul
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro i dont to be unpolite but i dont need to "maybe" be dragged throu one. in the past three weeks i was
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro cant get light up without a raid, and cant get into a raid cause my light is to low. to increase my
[XB1] Looking for a PVE clan do do raids with. Hey gusy, I'm looking for a clan that runs raids on a dayli basis (so i can complete the raid set e
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro Hey. i've sent you a p/m on bungie. but basically - what are your gaming hours (my timezone is GMT+1
[XB1] Looking for PVE clan Hey guys :) First things first. I'm new console player (so the controlls are killing me - literal

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