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Re: delete this post Aye. Swat is a trusted member who helps us out with issues when he can to take a load off of staff.
Re: [Site News] Destiny API Down [quote=Vinni-K]So any games that I play now on destiny. wont count towards my trueskill, ive won 8/8
Re: Please fix iron banner error [quote=Omnicidal kelch]The iron banner clash is correlating to regular clash on the tracker. Please
Re: Linking my clan to profile [quote=Thomaz588]Awesome. I had the same issue as that other post; I needed the "display on public
Re: Calcified Fragment Checklist [quote=hgranger2011]Need to check my progress for the calcified fragments, but it is not working[/qu
Re: Stats are merging between 2 accounts? [quote=Passion]My brother and I shared an account, and I switched the name to a new account to start
Re: Why was I banned [quote=Mistfit23]I got banned for no reason why?? [/quote] You were banned for posting the same
Re: Linking my clan to profile [quote=Thomaz588]How do I get my Destiny Tracker profile here to recognize my clan? If I search for
Re: changing devices dont know my log in info [quote=Clutch City 51]I recently got a tablet and wanted to use that to log into this site. Problem
Re: Accounts [quote=benigndarkness][/quote] Bump. Xorth responded. If this is still an issue, let us know! Tha
Re: Clan stats say I've not linked my PSN account [quote=Cryomaven]Thanks for the help for my first problem![/quote] Here are a few more
Re: [Site News] Destiny and the Grind Good stuff, Sengir. That was an enjoyable read and I found myself nodding along as I read it. haha.
Re: can't sign into old acc as xbl gamertag is already linked Taken care of.
Re: Support Subscription Not Renewed but Payment Taken [quote=ColinRF]Hi guys, The supporter page states "your subscription will renew 11/3/2015, unless
Re: ban issue [quote=Jennie][quote=TheBigL][quote=BxR does destiny ]I didnt read the spamming part until i had alr
Re: ban issue [quote=BxR does destiny ]I didnt read the spamming part until i had already been banned. So If y'all
Re: got banned by accident [quote=J4VX]hello I am a supporter of DT and this is the second time I got banned for no reason from
Re: Changed GT and stats won't show for clan page [quote=Sir SNO0PY]I have everything public. Still says my tag is SN00PY P and right under that (in s
Re: Banned for spamming [quote=OriginalElijahh]Will Do, thanks for the tip. So, am I unbanned now?[/quote] You are now.
Re: Am I missing something ??? [quote=Deliverance816]I am at level 34 and I am capped. I have no expansions yet. I have been playin
Re: Accounts [quote=benigndarkness]I play Destiny on both Xbox One and PS4. I mainly play on Xbox One. My Desti
Re: Can't find stats [quote=SaDoublebock]My user stats aren't showing up. Accounts are linked, trying to check the calc
Re: Where to find king Fall Raid leader board? [quote=EagleHunter216]My team and I have been doing King Fall plenty of times no and I have been sub
Re: Clan Member Stats Refresh button? [quote=Steezysti]Noticed a few days ago my K/D was way lower then what my actual overall K/D is at n
Re: Is there a way to check player / regional totals? [quote=Optionals][quote=Hey Im Swat]Check the regional leaderboard for that area. Only people whom h
Re: Can't link PSN ID because it's already linked [quote=Finite Regret]Yes. Twice. I will send another I guess. My PSN is FiniteRegret (NO SPACE),
Re: Regional Leaderboard [quote=a7torque]Yeah multiple times unfortunately. Thanks for trying to help though. [/quote] Can
Re: All Things Lore [quote=Chadfi]Who here has dipped into the Book of Sorrows yet?[/quote] I read through the Book o
Re: Can't link PSN ID because it's already linked [quote=donluv3333]How do I send myself a message on the PSN?[/quote] I'm not positive as I don't
Re: Checklist for emblems/shaders/ships/etc [quote=Ackis]The problem is that I don't carry all of these emblems/etc. on me - I know where the ki
Re: Xur Location & Purchase Recommendations 9th October [quote=Daddy]last week I bought an engram and got a 170 super good advice... such a waste. [/quote]
Re: Gamertag [quote=ogtrippleq]How do i get that cool banner like yours with stats on it?[/quote] Looks like y
Re: Gamertag [quote=Team Cosmos NOR]Hi i cant find my gamertag when i try to track my character in destiny on Xbo
Re: [Site News] How To Get The Sleeper Simulant Exotic Fusion Rifle (Part 1) [quote=judyboyRI][quote=jrgeek]Mostly helpful. But are you telling us that we weren't supposed to b
Re: Weapon Stats Inconsistent with Bungie's Armory [quote=teejaye85]It occurs to me that the two stats affected most would both be impacted by scope se
Re: My account will not show up for my state or in My Stats. [quote=losinshadowz][/quote] Ok, well when I search
Re: My account will not show up for my state or in My Stats. [quote=losinshadowz]Your Social settings have been succesfully updated. Changes will be progagated t
Re: XBox GamerTag Issue Swat is correct. You linked the wrong account due to that spelling typo. Click that link he posted a
Re: XBox GamerTag Issue [quote=JAKeaLOT]Looking through the remainder of the site it appears that I am linked to an incorrec
Re: old legendary eqip and weapons [quote=btownbigdog]Should I get rid of all my old legendary weapons? (170)[/quote] I personally k
Re: Calcified Fragments aren't tracking [quote=civildysfunction][quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=civildysfunction][/quote] I just tested and it
Re: Unable to view raid leaderboard [quote=Rsjohnson236]I posted my time for kings fall raid but i cant find where to to view the leader
Re: Issue: Zone Control games being counted here as Rumble? Keeping me off leaderboards :( [quote=IX Fall0ut XI]Hey - So recently I played a game of Zone Control and ended up finishing the
Re: Calcified Fragments aren't tracking [quote=civildysfunction]Can't load the tracker. Tried yesterday and today.[/quote] Searching for
Re: Year1 exotics and legendaries - what to do with? [quote=crewliii]Hey there, my vault is quite stuffed with exotics and legendaries from year 1. U
Re: Unable to see myself on the main Regional Leaderboard [quote=GreazyPig][quote=TheBigL][quote=GreazyPig]Hi, I've tried joining regional leaderboard multipl
Re: Deleting character on PS4: are that character's stats then subtracted from DTR profile? [quote=dthuna]Thx [mention]hey im swat[/mention]! Sorry about that. I posted this question a while a
Re: Unable to see myself on the main Regional Leaderboard [quote=GreazyPig]Hi, I've tried joining regional leaderboard multiple times over the last month or s
Re: Need help linking my PSN account [quote=sebishor]Hello again. I tried again to link my PSN ID today, but it still seems to be locked

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