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Re: DTR Logo Tweak I would.. however I follow Smyf on DeviantArt and noticed he created some DTR logos and layouts that
Re: All-Time Favorite Game Age of Empires
Re: DTR Logo Tweak [quote=K0P Plague]Looks good tuff, but I would make the R have hard angles as well (to match the D)[
Pimp Yo Sig Just made this bad boy for blinkz.. [img][/img]
Re: Forums Idea - Twitter Tweet or Facebook Like/Share Good idea.
Re: Shit gamers say Before I switched to Team & Party, some kid was stuttering to yell at me in the post game lobby and
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? I didn't switch to this gamertag until I purchased my first 360. Back in the Warcraft II/Age of Em
Request - Big CB Thanks!
Re: Post your tattoos and piercings I don't have any but I've really been thinking about getting one for my next birthday.
Re: Post your dream ride [spoiler][img]
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? I'm getting both new consoles, but I'll most likely be playing Destiny on the PS4, as that's where t
Re: Post your Gaming Area! My gaming area: [img][/img] The rest of my office: [img]ht
Re: Request - Page numbering [quote=ShavedLycan13]Also, there are no page numbers at the bottom of the thread. Nor are there opti
Re: Do you think Destiny is going to sell alright? I think it will sell well at first, but not at Halo levels. But if the game is great, it will get a
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [url=]@TuffJuice[/url]
DTR Logo Tweak Could look something like this.. [img][/img]
Icon example for this forum [img][/img]
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey Guys, I'm a long time fan of Halo, having played the original on LAN with friends from college (
Re: Funny Chat lines [quote=Hey Im Swat][img][/img][/quote] Bah.

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