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Re: [Site News] Bungie Ride Along - 03/02/16 'ride along' yet you can't use your sparrow on the dreadnaught. Seems legit
Re: [Site News] Destiny API Down worthy of a Toast notification I think. Thanks for the heads up Z, I was wondering what was going o
Re: [Site News] November Update 2.0.2 & the First Iron Banner Clash! Meh, not thrilled with Clash in IB. Control needs to come back. Or at least have two different pla
Re: [Site News] Bungie gift to WWE star Oh yeah sure, let's give someone who is a millionaire a video game bundle and say it's a good thing.
Re: Activision say DLCs and microtransactions selling well a few options... Meaning exactly what I said it would. Just paving the way for more BS stuff to
Re: [Site News] Emote Microtransactions I see this only as a paving stone for future worse microtransactions to happen. They say all this n
Re: No Time to Explain now available a side note: if you just picked up the ghost from the secret part of The Paradox daily, you have to
Fan Fiction Origin Story part 1 I did not make this, but I still feel it ought to be shared. It is really well done I feel. Enjoy!
Re: Regional Leaderboard I have my area added, but 10 hours later the cache still hasn't updated
Re: Destiny: IRON BANNER RANK 5 GLITCH (INSTANT/MAX LEVEL) - Taken King [quote=Hey Im Swat]What a load of crap. Even if such a bug existed, Bungie would patch it ASAP then
Re: Checklist for emblems/shaders/ships/etc Go to the various kiosks for the item you're looking for, it will show you what you have, what you d
Re: Funny Chat lines [img][/img]
Re: Taking Newbies Through The Raid! what would be the minimum light level you'd carry through the raid bro?
Re: How To Farm Exotic Engrams Using The 'Three Of Coins' From Xur Great vid, but 2 things, they cost 7 coins not 13, and it's just 3 of Coins, not 3 of all coin
Re: The new Light Level leaderboard is live! People be taking the grind seriously!
Re: The Elder Cipher exotic bounty guide No longer viable. Sadly :(
Re: How much light is needed per level Should be updated to meet the new light level system.
Re: How are you guys preparing for the launch of TTK? I personal think this is the best thing the game has done so far. And with the kind of game that De
Re: Post Your Picture Newest pic, my lady and me. [img]
Re: Dumb customers. A chat technician's tale. it should be illegal to be so upbeat and... *gags* professional. lol
Re: [Site News] Taken King Count down & a new Partnership [quote=Firestream]Glad to be part of the team to help build some cool stuff![/quote] Good to see
Re: Highest PVP K/D Ratio (and how to find it) [quote=Darkened Night][quote=FiveOhFour]I'm wondering what everyone's highest K/D ratio in a game of
Re: Super Black Shader??? [quote=emergedbubbles]Here is the link bro take a look they are the exact same shader (super black a
Re: [Site News] Destiny The Taken King Q/A with GameInformer [quote=Tremble]So every single weapon from Year 1 is going to be absolutely OBSOLETE after the Taken
Re: Funny Chat lines [img]
Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] update to my bests 13 highest spree, best K/d 11.0 most kills in game 25
Re: [Site News] Recap of Bungie Day Bungie day has become less and less awesome with each year that goes by lately.
Re: [Site News] Bungie Hits 1,000,000 Followers on Twitter! k
Re: Super Black Shader??? [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Varcolac][/quote] You're replying to a post made over 7 months ago. It has
Re: Online petition for players to receive what they deserve Swat is right in this case, this kind of petition will do nothing in the long run. It is what Bung
Re: Why I hate the reforge system and how it could be so much better. [quote=ODST Parker][quote=VerruckterSchakal]Getting the 'best rolls' should not be that easy. Whatev
Re: Why I hate the reforge system and how it could be so much better. Getting the 'best rolls' should not be that easy. Whatever little balance there is in this game, wou
Re: Only show grimoire that is available for that console [quote=TheBigL][quote=PsychoticCpu]Well I "fixed it" If you have "adblock plus" simply click "edit
Re: Xur Predictions For 5-29-15 [quote=Darkened Night][quote=VerruckterSchakal]Thunderlord please feedback fence please [/quot
Re: Xur Predictions For 5-29-15 Thunderlord please feedback fence please
Re: DestinyTracker Chatbox Emoticons friendly bump for the newer people curious of this
Re: The Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty "7) Return to Skolas and you will have the choice to recieve the" xD
[Video] An early look into the Prison of Elders with MoreConsole [youtube]-OlgNvctl0Y[/youtube]
Where to find all Ether Chests. [Video] Not my video, but worth sharing to everyone so you can easily find all Ether chests. [youtube]Y_b
Re: Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Trailer [quote=T3chnopanda]nice video BUT THIS SHIT IS GOING TO BE DELAYED FUCKING TRASH BUNGIE..HOW DO YOU
Re: New Feature - Forum Mentions [mention]Hey Im Swat[/mention] lol fail
Re: Your Weekly Strikes! 04/14/2015 [quote=Sengir79]These should be pretty easy to solo[/quote] For Nightfall yea, but since Bungie
Re: [Site News] House of Wolves Releases May 19th It doesn't really say May 19th though, just May 2015. in the actual video they made. (annotations
Re: GTA HEIST TRACKER we need a tracker tracker at this rate
Re: Destiny - Where is my Gjallarhorn? - Hitler Rant [quote=Hey Im Swat]I was hoping I would never see that crappy overused video again. :([/quote] ye
Re: Xur Agent of the Nine - 03/20/15 Ahhh yeeeaaahhhh Hard Light!
Re: Soloing 'Vault of Glass' is 100% impossible; but for reasons you would not expect! [quote=FurfanteBjorn]Yeah, I read through it and did research on how to Legit Take it on. the lowest
Re: [Site News] Iron Banner Bounties and Gear - 17th March [quote=Hey Im Swat]Eh, same old stuff.[/quote] Not really, since it isn't the same stuff from las
Re: Exotic Bounty Guide Man, RNG refuses to give me Pocket Infinity bounty.. last few I've had pop up have been the same thr
Re: Does Destiny have special mission items or items that can only be obtained once in the game? [quote=Morarn]Every item in the game can be dropped or created as many times as you want However,

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