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medals and weapons for an individual match When I click on my gamertag in a recent match the medals and awards flash on the screen and then it
Re: How Should DTR TrueSkill Transition into Year Two? Can I have a NONE OF THE ABOVE option since I suck at PvP and will never see a 50? If it weren't for
Re: [Site News] New Feature - Your Destiny Vault & Checklist [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=siderius]I would like to see the Playstation-only guns removed from my che
Re: [Site News] New Feature - Your Destiny Vault & Checklist This feature is SWEEEEET! I didn't even realize that I had 4 of the same hand cannons until this fea
Re: [Site News] Xur Agent of the Nine - 24th July [quote=LoneSoldier29]Missed Celestial Nighthawk last weekend cause I was out of town and now I'll pr

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