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(XBOX1) Looking for raiders to join us for HKF. So recently my regular raid team split. There are 3 of us main players left because the other 3 have
Re: [Site News] The state of Iron Banner Honestly how is matching fireteam size not a thing? That should have been one of the very first thin
I'm looking to join up with some fellow PVPers for Salvage/Skirmish (xb1) Hi, I'm looking to play Salvage and Skirmish more consistently. The guys I run with in PVP sometimes
Re: {XBOX ONE} Looking for 3v3 Gamemode PVP friends. Bump, my trials group don't really play that much anymore. They are playing that elder scrolls game.
{XBOX ONE} Looking for 3v3 Gamemode PVP friends. Hey all, just looking to add to my PVP friends list for 3v3 match types. Looking for pvpers of simil
Re: Deleting / closing a thread that I created [url]
Deleting / closing a thread that I created Hi all, just wondering if there is a way to delete a thread I made? Thanks
Re: [Xbox One] Looking for more Crucible Players [quote=Sik Maejor]I'm looking for dedicated Crucible players to party up with and even join my pvp c

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