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Re: Business ethics and content removal And if you're feeling really energetic, maybe put some pressure on activision as well...they at leas
Re: Business ethics and content removal Here is more information on a possible class-a
Business ethics and content removal For those who are as annoyed as I am with the way bungie has removed most of the playability form De
Re: How are you guys preparing for the launch of TTK? Vet-I do not agree with you even remotely on this. Removing a majority of the playable content (lev
Re: How are you guys preparing for the launch of TTK? Now that it has launched, and I see what they have done to those who did not purchase the DLC, my pr
Re: How are you guys preparing for the launch of TTK? I'm preparing by not playing Destiny at all, because they removed all useful content for anyone that
Thanks to the Night(s) Hey guys Just wanted to say thank you to Darkened Night and Darkened Khaos for basically carrying m
Re: [Site News] No Land Beyond Montage | Gameplay by Vekai Very nice
Re: The House of the Wall Street Wolves DLC. Pretty sure the wall-street wolves is a joke, swat. lol
Re: [Site News] Xur - Agent of the nine 21/11/2014 WOOT! I can finally get the mida multi tool.
Re: Super Black Shader - Dispelling a myth How dare you try to apply logic to gaming? How dare you sir?
Re: [Site News] Xur 14/11/2014 Wow, Xur finally has a weapon I can use again on the one weekend I don't bother to go check Good g
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? We don't want dolls. master Chief can't pick up a doll and bash in your helmet with it. He can't th
Re: Glitch or on purpose? These events tend to happen anywhere that you have two groups of enemies fighting each other. I've
Re: Xur Agent of the Nine - 31/10/2014 Thanks for the info Tiggs! Xur finally has the sniper rifle I wanted but haven't been able to get
Re: What class do you think needs a nerf? The really odd thing with this is, after trying both a hunter and a titan in the crucible, I tend to
Re: October 28th daily and weekly events Sadly, I had to pull this from the destiny app since I'm at work and don't know the modifiers for th
October 28th daily and weekly events The weekly and nightfall strikes for this week will be the Nexus strike on Venus. The daily story
Re: The Right Age?? Honestly, I'd say let him age a bit before you introduce him to the world of online gaming. I don't
Raid gear and luck, an idea Ok, so I was sitting in chat today talking with the crew about some things and came up with an idea,
Re: Too much energy? To be fair, I have noticed this too and I keep my weapons as upgraded as I can get because I love th
Re: Soloing 'Vault of Glass' is 100% impossible; but for reasons you would not expect! After thinking about this a bit, I don't think its possible to do the last part with less than two p
Re: Soloing 'Vault of Glass' is 100% impossible; but for reasons you would not expect! As Austin said, the door will not open for less than 3 people. This is likely to stop superhero pla
Re: Ranking up for Vanguard and Crucible too slow? It is possible that you're going about the rank hunt in the wrong way. Ranking up vanguard/factions
Re: What class do you think needs a nerf? Funny thing is, although there are a lot of hunters on the boards...if you look over the top 9 spots
Re: Exotic Bounty Guide So far, Invective was definitely the easiest...bad Juju seems pretty easy so far time cons
Re: Weapons to take on the raid [quote=Wurm][b]Kat, what are your thoughts on [url=
Weapons to take on the raid Hello guardians! Today we're going to discuss something that those who have yet to go on the raid
Re: Vek's favorite things about the Cryptarch you're so dumb sometimes, Vek
Re: Destiny Hero-The new unofficial minigame So, has anyone tried this out? If so, please share your superhero tales. lol
Re: [Videos] Destiny Mythbusters: Episode 2 I've been phalanx launched a few times but the double-down and grenade teleport were pretty awesome
Destiny Hero-The new unofficial minigame Ok, like it says this is not an official game mode or anything of the sort, but its something I've f
Favorite weapons Ok Ladies and gents. we have stats, we have videos, we have tips and tricks, we even have weapon re
Re: Rasputin Its so hard to have theoretical discussions with people in possession of more information than you.
Re: [Site News] Xur - Agent of the Nine - 10/03/2014 Sadly, it would appear that Xur is useless to me this week. I'm so disappointed in that shadowy wei
Re: Rasputin It would also explain how the agents of the nine (asssuming that chicky-bot is one) are able to get
Re: Rasputin Well, since Rasputin is an AI, and has taken over control of earth's defense systems, I think that R
Re: How much light is needed per level bumps this because its good information
Re: Weapon review: Atheon's Epilogue Thanks for the info Wurm. If I'm wrong on it then its my mistake on that. When I was running it th
Re: Weapon review: Atheon's Epilogue Wurm-I was playing the nightfall mission on the highest difficulty, as well as the daily heroic miss
Weapon review: Atheon's Epilogue Hello Guardians, today I thought I'd try something new and give my review of my new favorite weapon
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? Isn't there also crucible and faction gear that reaches higher level potentials which would allow fo
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? That actually kinda' sucks that you can't hit 30 without getting lucky drops in the raid
Re: How To Find All Gold Chests On Venus! Awesome, thanks for sharing
Re: How To Find All Gold Chests On Mars! Free Strange Coin! Awesome, Those were definitely placed in some shady areas. lol
Re: Ghost Shells Also, if its a preorder bonus, try re-entering your code.
Re: Possible Hidden Bonuses [Theory] Interesting, I'm going to try out the gifted when I get a chance. And, just a note...with all t
Re: [Site News] 1.0.2 Patch! Engram Changer. Thanks for the info tigs! And love that signature. lol
Re: Games you are looking forward to the most? Current times, I'm looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition and HMCC the most. Down the road a bit
Re: [Site News] Xur Agent of the Nine - 26/09/2014 Buy Suros and one engram hoping to get lucky. Run weekly on hardest difficulty, get more coins and

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