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PVP players Xbox 1 Looking for some PVP guys to team up with. I play mainly 4-7 pm eastern time zone on weekdays. I got
Re: Looking for a PVP Clan [quote=Pointzzzzzzzzzz][quote=mikeyd 34][quote=Pointzzzzzzzzzz][quote=mikeyd 34]KD=1.85 KD+A=2.49 I
Re: Looking for a PVP Clan [quote=Pointzzzzzzzzzz][quote=mikeyd 34]KD=1.85 KD+A=2.49 I play from 4-7 weekdays Eastern Time Zon
Re: [Xbox One] Looking for more Crucible Players Hey Sik KD=1.85 and KD+A=2.49 but i prefer to win first. Would love to join and active clan or smal
Looking for a PVP Clan KD=1.85 KD+A=2.49 I play from 4-7 weekdays Eastern Time Zone USA... Hit me up if you have a clan or
Looking for a PVP Clan Gamertag- Mikeyd 34 My KD-1.84, KD+A-2.5, and im ranked #350 for orbs dropped per game. Over the pa
Re: Xbox one PvP Gamertag- Mikeyd 34 Ill send a message over after the weekend. K/D- 1.84 (last 2 months kd has been

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