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Re: [Site News] Sparrow Racing Stats [quote=AlphaWulf]I didn't see this anywhere, where did you find this? and does it means that people
Re: Online petition for players to receive what they deserve That's obvious swat. If you would've read a little more "dribble" you would've seen my reason. They
Re: Online petition for players to receive what they deserve Swat, I'm gonna have to politely disagree with you. I think petitions do open eyes to those being pe
Re: Destiny Expansion Confirmed for E3 I'm wondering if this will be the story of the Queens brother. I believe he is the one who aided the
Re: Bungie says "hold onto engrams" Thank God I have a level 2 Warlock with nothing in it's inventory. Lots of added space for me. I kno
Re: [Site News] Info on Queens Wrath Bounties - Add any information you discover. [quote=gbroque]and the fourth, what I like to call the sweet spot which is located just outside the
Re: [Site News] Destiny Database Update May 18th Nevermind... Just seen the Ghost fragments.
Re: [Site News] Destiny Database Update May 18th Good God... are these all the new ghosts we need to find?
Re: Destiny punishment for farming Ether key chests HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughed more at the "Dexter" quote than anything. Had tears in my eyes
Re: Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Trailer Sweet video!! Looking forward to this expansion. Can't wait for the expansion that allows us to kick
Re: How do you level up your factions quick [quote=trollzark]Help[/quote] Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you need to wear a specific facti
Re: Please welcome the newest member of the DTR family! [quote=Jennie]This stuff goes by fast so soak it up! [/quote] That is no joke!! Seems like yeste
Re: Warning, There is a Problem with HoW Release [quote=Sengir79]You don't need to do anything, the 1.2.0 patch was delayed because of a last minute
Re: Warning, There is a Problem with HoW Release Alright, I keep seeing everyone talk about 1.2.0 update. Did I miss something or do I need to do som
Re: [Site News] House of Wolves Releases May 19th [quote=Irondiesel58]I'm really about to stop buying the DLC's which the game makers use to squeeze a

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