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Re: Looking for pvp clan [quote=Chardman]Looking for active pvp clan. Play nightly and trials on weekends. Have ~1470 trials
Re: Helping out people in trials [quote=Hey Im Swat][mention]serhanrami[/mention] As long as you're not promoting any paid service
Helping out people in trials Hey guys a friend are I do multi streams every Saturday where we attempt to help viewers. Now that d
Iron Haven Ps4 Eu focused Clan Hey, so I recently created an EU focused clan. So far we are 8 members, we voted on a name out of a
Re: PvP Clan Recruitment: BL00DBORNE Are clan tags necessary ?
Re: PvP clans out there? Might wanna mention console next time, so that people won't have issues know ur console. Anyways i c
[PS4] [Recruiting] I recently created an Eu clan and we are looking for members. The clan name is to be decided based on voting on a couple of names when we hit 10 members. At the m
[Recruiting] [PS4] Creating an EU focused clan. Hello all, I posted this before. i found a couple of people that are interested in joining an EU foc
Looking to create a EU focused clan. IF you are struggling like I am in finding a group of people to play with. Hit me up I am trying to
Re: Looking for UK Clan [quote=Tyler Marks]Day 1 player. Looking for clan to complete all activities in the game, not bad at
Siva Unite Ps4 Euro foucsed clan Hey guys and gals i got fed up trying to find people in my timezone to play together so i have decid
Re: Looking for Clan eu i sent out dicord links to some people today so i am waiting on them to join up, i also am a pvp pl
Re: I'm looking for a Clan. [quote=lBiGl REAP3R]gis a shout any time, get to know my mates n we may just be able to get a raid t
Re: I'm looking for a Clan. Hey man i feel you, I just created a clan and i am working on getting members in slowly if your are
Re: Looking for Clan eu Hey man i am creating a new clan, and i am trying to focus on Eu players, since my timezone is GMT+3

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