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Re: Can you report a user and where to report? [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=wilcohalo] [/quote] Hi there, First of all, could I [i]please[/i] a
Can you report a user and where to report? Some guy with the name of zobelkatrina is spamming posts on the forums. So I wanna report him but I
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Darkened Night][quote=wilcohalo]Awesome thanks! Does this also includes mayhem rumble or onl
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Darkened Night][quote=wilcohalo]I cant see my elo for rumble and some other gametypes.[/quote
Re: DTR Elo DestinyTracker calculates your Elo for each Crucible playlist. I cant see my elo for rumble and som
Re: Rezyl Azzir-Before These Walls [quote=CasperWeasel]I have a crazy theory to finding the last Ghost. I have traveled everywhere in t
Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here! -seventh column stormcaller. My yo
Re: Introduce Yourself heey babbeeyyyyy. When i was younger i was a big halo fanboy with my friend. My favorite halo is r

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